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 1PRAYER.  In the B. there are many prayers. Ccc.2558-2857.

- Abraham, prayed for the salvation of Sodom and Gomorra.

- Moses, prayed God to forgive the many disobediences and sins of Israel.

- Joshua and Gideon, prayed to God asking him to eliminate the enemies.

- Mordocai and Esther, prayed God to save them. To  destroy the enemies.

- Jesus, will pray for unity forgiveness and love . Est.4,1-17 ; 10,3. Jn.17

2 – Usually, the human prayers, are very long, asking for physical benefits,  and for the punishment of enemies.

- “ Our Father ”, is very short but very meaningful, putting God at the top :

     Worship God. Give us our daily bread.  Forgiveness. Mt.6,7-15

- If we admitted that we did something wrong, the judge will punish us.

- If we confess, with humble heart, our sins, God will forgive us.

- St. Augustine said that our prayers should be very short but frequent.

- God knows our requests before we pray and, he is always listening  to our prayers, giving us, not stones but,  love. Mt.7,7-11.

3 – So , WHY to pray and HOW to pray.

- God knows our requests. So, it is not necessary to inform God but  to create in us, a state of union and friendship with God.

     We have to improve our faith, to remove the obstacles , the sins  that can impede God for helping us. Mt.6,7-8 ; 1Tess.5,17.

- So, we must pray with confidence, humility, love.  Publican Lk. 18,9-14

4 WOMEN  in the Bible.

- The B. said that God created man first and, the woman, from the rib of man. Gen.1,27 ; 2,18-25

- Some scientists said that woman existed 500  years before man.

- Some others affirm that humans come through evolution from monkeys.

- If all these theories are true, WHY now, monkeys, do not become persons ?

   But at the contrary, many humans, are living like irrational animals.

5 – Nobody can know when and how humans started but, we can see that  we have different genders, done in the way that, we have to complete and  couple each other but, according God’s will and natural law.

- Each gender, has his own dignity even if the B. presents women as the weak gender, the source of temptation and,  the origin of sin.

- Now God is carrying on, the creation,  through human motherhood.

- Ccc.1700-1775 . The  dignity  of the human person.

6 – The B. was written by man and, many times, they present women in the negative way but, that was not God’s intention.

- God is love. When we talk about love, we recall immediately our mother.

- Those that we call weak gender, are those who carry all of us for 9 months  in their womb and they gave us their blood, life and love.

- Most of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, are in women’s hands.

- The woman, who is appearing and asking for our conversion is Mary.

- The only person who is Mother of God. Immaculate and was  Assumed to Heaven, in body and spirit, is the woman Mary.

- The person who, often is crying tears of blood, because of human’s  hardness of mind and our sins, once again, is the woman Mary.

- Many women want make a show of their body and jewels.

- The Virgin Mary, appeared always with a veil to manifest her holiness  and, her only jewel, is the rosary. Is.3,16-24 ; 1Pt.3,1-6 ; 1Tm.2,9-10.

- During apparitions, Mary never revealed secrets but, only helps the people  to go back to Jesus, the only Saviour.

- Yahweh says : Haughty are the women of Zion, walking with their heads  held high, with mincing steps, flirting with their eyes and ornaments. Yahweh, will cover with scabs the heads of Zion’s women.  Lord will take away the ankle ornaments, the headbands and the crescents,  the pendants, the bracelets and the scarves, the headdresses, the armlets, the sashes, the perfume, the amulets, rings, festal robes, veils.

       Instead of fragrance, there will be stench.

       Instead of jewelled gown and beauty… shame. Is.3,16-24.

7Esther, was presented as symbol of Mary.

- She exposed herself to the danger of being eliminated by the king because she went to him without an official invitation. Est.5,1-8

- Mary, the only sinless person, who should not suffer as the other sinful persons, she gave us Jesus, the Redeemer.

- She  is called the mother of sorrow. She appeared more than 1000 times to invite the people to convert and to avoid to be punished through deadly diseases, natural calamities and wars.

8 – The different stories of the B. are not curiosities, tales, human fantasies  but are the voice of the living God, teaching us, how to be brothers and to avoid errors and sins that one day will cause our second death, it means  physical and spiritual death, forever.  Rv.20,6-14 ; 21,8.

9 – The persons, stories, that we find in the Bible, sometimes are historical persons but, many times, are only a symbol, figures, examples  how to do good or, how to avoid sin.

- So we have to read the B. and especially the O.T.  in the light of Christ crucified and risen.

- Such typological reading discloses the inexhaustible content of the O.T.    which will not be abolished but, only completed by Jesus. Mt.5,17-19.

- Besides, the N.T. has to be read in the light of the O.T.

- The N.T. lies hidden in the O.T. and the O.T. is unveiled in the N.T.

 - Ccc.129 ; 131 ; 133; 134.;136. ;140.


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