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                   CATHOLIC CHURCH IN PHUKET

The cornerstone was laid down on Christmas Day, 1957.
The architect of the church was the Stigmatine Italian priest, The first mass was celebrated for the funeral of Fr Egidio Airaghi on June 2, 1958, who died on May 31,1958.
 St.GASPAR BERTONI started the STIGMATINE Congregation    in Verona,Italy, on November 4,1816. The official name of this Congregation is: Apostolic Missionaries For Helping The Bishops.
But almost everywhere the people call us Stigmatines  because our main devotion is to Jesus Christ who died for the salvation of mankind. Faithful to the charisma of the Founder, the first activity that the Stigmatines started in Phuket was to open the Daoroong school,(The Morning Star) blessed by Bishop Peter Carretto in May 1954.
In the first year there were 223 students.Now there are 2,000 students. 
 The Stigmatines are working in all five continents helping the Bishops according to their necessities: Universities, catechism, schools, parish churches, the poor, children, social activities.
 The first Stigmatines: Fr.Lino Inama, Mark Blasutig, Egidio Airaghi arrived in Thailand on August 21,1952.
Fr. Primo Carnovali and Fr.John Ceresatto arrived on
 September 30,1952.Bishop Peter Carretto entrusted to us five provinces: Phuket - Ranong - Pangna - Krabi - Trang.
In all these provinces we started our activities with the schools and churches .The Motherhouse was in Phuket so here we have the largest school and The ASSUMPTION Church  which was the first parish church constructed in the south of Thailand.The church is located in Talinchan Lane in the center of Phuket town 300 m. from the Metropole Hotel.

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