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1 – I am Alpha and Omega. The First and the Last.The Beginning and the End 

- In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Gen.1,1.

- Maranatha = Come Lord Jesus and save us. Rv.22,13. 20.

2 – These are words that, we find at the beginning and, at the end of the B.

- The one who connects, Alfa  and  Omega, (Trinity) is the SON OF MAN.

- In the picture N.8 we have explained the Trinity : Father Son and Holy Spirit.

- Nobody can see The Trinity, because is spirit.  The people of the past, thought that, if a mortal person, could see God, they should die.

       Ex.13,18-23 ; 17,15 ;  33,20 ; Jos.22,34 ; Gen.33.20-31 ; Jgs.13,1-25.

3Manoah’s wife, gave the right answer, to that wrong fear :

   * Why God, should make us to die if, God himself, wants to reveal  his divine nature. Only the one who refuses God will die.. Rv.21,8.

  * God created us, at his image. Gave us, his life and his love.

     He did, so many wonderful things for us.Why should he kill us?Jds.13,22-23

4 – God, immortal, who lives in unapproachable light,  who,  no one, living person, has ever seen or can see, revealed himself. Jn.1,18 ; 1Tm.6,16

- The invisible Trinity, because he loves us, started to talk  with us, through  the creation. That was the only way that we could see and understand God

      (=Anthropomorphism ).  Ccc.25 ; 43 ; Acts.17,26-28 ; Heb.2,9-11

- So, it was necessary that, one of the Trinity, THE SON, could be visible.

- The Incarnation, was the first act of the Pascal Mystery,that is still going on.

5 – The  O.T., is full of symbols and signs of Jesus’ coming.

 - The Creator commanded me to pitch my tent in  Israel. Sir.24,1-32.(47) ;

 - While all was in quiet silence and, the night was in the middle of its course,  your Almighty Word,(Jesus) leapt down from the Royal Throne. Wis.18,14  

 6 – The time of fulfilment, of God’s signs, has not been plainly revealed.

 - These signs, have come and gone with a multiplicity of change and, they are still present.  ( St.Ephrem.Thursday first week of Advent ).

7B. language, is imperfect. The authors talk in an anthropomorphic way

  - Not having experience, about God and eternal life, when we talk about  those realities, we can say something only in a negative way. Ccc.43.

- But God, is near us, in our heart. Dt.4,7-9 ; Dt.30.1-20.

- So, is our duty to help the people to know, to follow, to cooperate with God.

        Tb.14,9 ; Mt.28,19 ; Lk.9,18-24 ; 9,51-62.; 24,36-53 ;  Mk.16,9-20.

- Jesus went to prepare a place and after that, we will be together in heaven.

    Jn.14,2 ; 16,5 ; 17,11 ; 20,17.   Holy Spirit. Jn.14,16-17 ; 16,5-15.

8 – The O.T. seems like a tale, instead , if we change some words, we can see  that is our personal story, with our ups and downs, virtues, and sins.

- The parts of our body, that we consider lower, are treated with much care.

    God himself, arranged the body in this way, so that the body  may not be divided but rather, each member, may care for the others.    

    When one suffers, all of them suffer and, when one receives honor all rejoice together. 1Cor.12,24-26.

- The flood, can be any physical event, earthquakes, wars, natural disasters.

- The Babel Tower, is still growing full of moral and theological confusions.

- All of us, have to make our exodus like Abraham, Moses and Israel, from sin, personal idolatry, corruption, to believe in Jesus, the only God.

- All of us, have to fight, to control and possess our heart, slave of many sins.

9 – The longest Jesus’prayer was for unity, that is a big problem of families, countries and religions, also in our time. Jn.17,1-26. 

-  God patiently tried to teach us, in the past, through the prophets, and now, through Jesus and Church, hoping that, one day, we will sit   with Jesus in eternal glory.  Heb.1,1-4 ;  Re,3,14-22.

10 – The  History of Salvation, will never be completed until human beings are living in this world.   St. Hippolytus said :

* Our faith, is not founded upon empty words. On the contrary,

        we put our faith in words spoken by the power of God.

* God, spoke, first of all,  through the prophets, but because the message was couched in such obscure language, in the last days, the Father sent his Son commanding him to show himself openly, so that, the world could see him.

* Jesus, was born like us, he thought, spoke, and worked, like us.

        He was hungry, slept, suffered, and died  like us  but,  he raised.

* In heaven,we shall not be subject to evil desires and bad inclinations any more

* Our bodies and our souls, will be immortal and incorruptible.

* After death, we shall start the eternal life, without possibility of apocatastasi  or reincarnation. It means that, we cannot change our eternal destination   but we will be with God (Paradise), or against God, (Hell) forever.

      Rv.3,14-22.  ( St. Hippolytus. Dec.30th ).  

- Philip whoever sees me sees the Father. I am in the Father and the Father  is in me.  The Holy Spirit from the Father, and from me, will teach you  everything and you will understand about Trinity’s  life. Jv,14,1-30.

11 – Some important orientative dates.

- 2000  B.C  Hur, Mesopotamia (Iraq)  Abraham birth and mission.

- 1600  B.C. Jacob, received the new name of ISRAEL.=To fight with God.

   The one who will help Jacob, Moses, David… to overcome the many physical  and spiritual difficulties, are not human strategies but, God only.

- 1750-1550  B.C. Slavery of Israelites in Egypt.

- 1250  B.C. Exodus. Ex.13-20 ; 32-34 ; Numbers…

- 1200-1030  B.C. Joshua. Judges. Settlement of Israelites in Palestine.

- 1030-931  B.C. Monarchy of Saul, David, Solomon. Prophets.

- 587-538  B.C. Destruction of Jerusalem. Babylon captivity.2kgs.24,8-17.

- 538  B.C. The Edict of Cyrus. The Israelites goes back to Palestine.

- 520-63  B.C. New temple. Antiochus. Persecutions. Maccabeus.

          The Roman Pompey, conquers Jerusalem.    Beginning of the N.T.

12 - 37-4  B.C. * A.C. Herod. JESUS’ BIRTH . Roman’s control.

- 27-30 A.C. Death.  Resurrection of Jesus.  Gospels’ writing. Church.

- 70 A.C destruction and dispersion of Israelites around the world.

- 1947 A.C. Revival of Israelites country. (Political decision)

* From Jesus’death on, for 300 years, the Christians suffered many fierce   persecutions until  312  when the Emperor Constantine converted and  in 313 wrote the edit of Milan, giving freedom to Christian religion.

13 FAITH  is a personal act. A free response of human persons to  the initiative of God who reveals himself.  Ccc.142-184….

- We are not born Christians but, we become Christians. Ccc.166

14 God  is the first catechist, who revealed himself through Creation,  Tradition,  B. and Church.

- One day, God chose, as catechists ? Abraham, Moses, Jacob, kings, Israelites, Prophets and…  John the Baptist.

15 Jesus came ( not to start a new religionbut to fulfil  God’s teaching, through merciful works and, Redemption.

- He has done all things well : Healing deaf, lepers, blind. Mk.7,37 ;8,1-17

- No one ever spoke and taught like Jesus. Jn.7,46.

- His mouth taught the true doctrine and nothing evil came from his lips.

     Brought back many people from their wickedness. Mal.2,6.

- Jesus in very few words could summarize the teachings of many traditions  and many books, just saying : A good tree, always produces good fruit.

     A rotten tree,( false prophets)  produces bad fruit. Mt.7,15-20.

- Anyone who hears these words of mine and, does not act accordingly  is like a fool who built his house on sand. Mt.7,21-29 ; Col.2,9-12.

16 – After Jesus death, the catechesis was done by the Apostles,  and  good Christians, using  the Gospels and the Magic Square… SATOR.

 - As a church, the Christians must use private houses and the catacombs.

17– After 300 years of persecutions, with Constantine, the Christians started  to enjoy freedom, but also a time of secularism, heresies, hedonism, divisions like the Orthodox, Protestants 1566,  nepotism, involvement  in political business… Problems that, are still going on, in our time.

18Faith, is an personal (and community) act so, is the time that, each person, should start  to have active part in the liturgy and life of the Church and specially to start a deep knowledge and meditation of the B. because  the ignorance of the Scripture, is ignorance of Christ. Ccc.133.

- Without study and meditation of the B., the waters of life would be putrid swamp.  Soul and faith would be lost through pleasures.  St.G.B. Dec.18.21

- When it is night for us it is day for God who knows what is to be done .

19 Diogneto  said : The Christians do not have special food, garments,  laws, language,…  but they must be, in the society and in the Church   like the soul in the body.WE cannot be missionary if we do not know Jesus

- Christians must be light and catechists, not by words but, with their example   

- It is a must to know, what we believe and, to spread faith through our life.

- You always must have an answer ready when you are  called upon  to account for your hope and faith but give it simply and with respect.1Pt.3,15

- Our Father. Ccc.2759 – 2865.

- Human Community. Ccc.1877 - 2051.

20 – In the past God, helped the pagan nations to know God, through Israel.

- When the Israelites, abandoned Yahweh, God using other nations,  persecution, slavery, taught Israel, the way to come back to God.

- After that, God used the Israelites, to convert their persecutors.

- In the past the first Christians spread the Gospel in Asia, North Africa, Europe.

- Now, the children, the Christians of Asia and Africa, must  bring back Jesus, to their old, tired and pagan mother, Europe.  

     2kgs.17,5-18 ; Jgs.2,6-12; 3,1-6.22.

21 –After this long biblical catechesis, the Christians should become  missionary and  light  for millions of people still walking in the darkness.

- We cannot say that, all the religions are good and all gods are the same.

- There can be only ONE  true God and, only ONE true religion (=relegate)

     who can relegate, join us, to the real God and our brothers.

- Philosophy and Religion are not the same. Human teachings, sometimes  can be good, for our daily life but, cannot give us, eternal life.

- Humans, can eliminate sufferings, injustices, corruption, slavery, death  and create a new heaven only if, each one of us, tries to live like JESUS

    Is.7,14 ; 25,8 ; Ez.37,27 ; 2Sm.7,14 ; 1Cor.2,9 ; Rv.20,5-6 21,1-8 ; 22,13.

- The clever philosophers of the past. The founders of human organizations  improperly called religions, sometimes gave us, good teachings but, none of them, after their death, could raise themselves, nor could come to visit their followers and, carry on their teachings, like Jesus Christ

22 – For  centuries God, using Israelites, and now the Church, as missionaries of his love, tried to unite the humans.

-You my child, (John Batt,) shall be called prophet of the Most High.

- Jerusalem, how often would I (Jesus) have gathered your children just  as a hen gather her chicks under her wings, but you refused.

     Mal.3,1-24 ; Mt.23,37-39 ; Ef.1,20-23.; Lk.1,76. 

* About the LIVING  JESUS, we have many proofs :

- After the resurrection he appeared to Magdalena, Emmaus’ disciples.

- Jesus appeared to different Apostles in different ways and many times.

- Before he departed from this world, 500 persons, could  see him  going up to heaven. After this basic catechesis, useful for all persons

23 – For those, who want to be baptized, the teaching should be completed  with  the explanation of : Our Father. Creed. The single Sacraments  and specially the meaning of the Sacrificial Banquet of the Mass and the Communion which is the Sacrament of the Sacraments which gives us Jesus, the living God with us. Emmanuel. Ccc.1211 ; 1322-1419.

24 –The three Sacraments of Christian initiation, Baptism, Confirmation,  and the Eucharist, should not be given all together in the same day

     ( as they did at the beginning of the Church ) because of particular occasions, like the feast of the Church, or friends and tourists gathering. Ccc.1212.

- Each Sacrament, should be given at the appropriate time and age 

     according the physical, intellectual and spiritual  maturity. Ccc.1212.

- To force a person, to be part of any religion, just because of tradition,  is the worst use of a false faith that, one day, will manifest her bad fruits with the rebellion or fanaticism, against God and the religions.  

25 – All the many Eucharistic miracles, manifest the same teaching :

* In the Eucharist, there is a  SUFFERING  LIVING person.

* The part of the body, who appears in the miracle, is always the Heart.

* Always, the blood, has the same characterizes of Sindon. Is group AB

* The Hosts, involved in the miracle, are uncorrupted for centuries.

* Even in a small part of the Bread or Blood, Jesus  manifests himself  in those elements, as a Living,  Suffering, Heart of alive person.

26All the teachings, meditation of the B. participation of the liturgy and, the different Sacraments should prepare us, to receive in the best way, the most important Sacrament of Eucharist. Ccc.1211.

- In the O.T. we find some teachings about the holiness of Eucharist :

    The priest Ahimelech said to David and his companions, that for eating  the holy bread, they should not have had relations with women. 1Sm.21,5

- St Paul said : Let each one examine himself, before eating of the bread and  drinking from the cup, otherwise he eats and drinks his own  condemnation in not recognizing Jesus’ Body. 1Cor.11,29.

- Christ, the only Saviour, wants to save all mankind but, he is not bound  to the Church or the Sacraments.Ccc.1257.

- Usually, he wants to salve us, if we want to cooperate whit him and, through the external signs of the different Sacraments flowing from  his heart.Ccc.618;766;836;774;846-848;1088-1120; 1131; 1225 ;1260 ;1847  

27Maranatha.= Come Lord Jesus and save all of us.

      It means, that from now on, we have to read the Gospel until can become flesh of our flesh, and  Jesus, become the norm of our daily life.

- No rebellion and hard mind, any more. Not velleity but radical decision  to follow Jesus like Peter, Andrew and John.

       Zac.9,1-10 ; 10,1-2 ;  12,10 ; 13,6 ; Mt,4,18-22 ; 7,21-29 ; 9,10-17 ;

       11.28-29 ; 21.1-11. ; Lk.9,51-62 ; 1kgs.19,12-19 ; Jn.1,35-51 ; 


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