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   Jb.1-3 ; 29-38.42.

 1JOB = Where is my father ?   Or :  The one who is oppressed.

- Job’s book, deals in depth with major questions of the human condition :

    The suffering of the innocents. The existence of good and evil.

     Faith in the eternal life.  Women’s importance in the family and society.

- For the people of that time, to be rich, with many children, to have long life,  to be healthy, was a clear sign, of God’s blessing.

- Job’s story was written 700 – 600  ? years B.C. not in Palestine but in Arabia but,  by a Hebrew man

2 - The life and belief of humans, have always been a painful mixture of  ups and downs. 2kgs.17,5-18 ; Jgs.2,6-12

- Job, after having been blessed, he was reduced to misery for, in one day, he lost his children, riches and health. It means that he is a sinner.

- Friends and wife, tried to convince him that he was suffering because of his  sins so, he should take off the mask of his two faces and, refuse God.

- Job said : Naked I came from my mother’s womb. Naked shall I return.

       Yahweh gave, Yahweh had taken away, blessed be his name.

    In spite of many calamities Job did not sin by blaspheming God. Jb.1,21-22

3 –To  charge God, to refuse God, it was the big temptation of Angels,  Adam and, it will be the temptation of many persons of any time.   

- Job’s teachings, are  human and, useful to our daily life  so, we have just  to learn how to resolve, with faith, as Job did, our daily  problems.

4 Jesus  himself, in the moment of suffering said :

       Father why you have forsaken me ?... But, Your will be done. Mt.27,46

- When we are suffering, we feel that God is far, he does not care of us. 

- Job said : Cursed be  the day I was born.  I would prefer death by strangling  rather than such a trial. Jb.3,3 ; 7,15

- If only I knew where to find him, I would bring my case before him

         But he knows my every step. Jb.23,1-10.  So…,

5 – I  have made a covenant with my eyes, not even to gaze at a virgin.

- To look at a woman ( or any person ) with bad intention, is a sin.

      We committed  adultery in the heart. Jb,31,1-11. Mt.5.28.

- WE know the holiness of a person, only at the last of his life   and specially  in the moment of suffering. Sir.11,28.

 - Keep yourself in the school of God.  St. G. B. Dec.24.

 6 –Any person, or a public event, are very important teachings, a school  for us, but we try to find a scapegoat, for carry on, with our sinful life.

- Eve, accused the serpent. Adam accused Eve and God who created the woman

7 – In the B. there are  many sentences against God’s injustice.

- The godless person said : Let us oppress the upright man, the poor, the widow, the old age… Let our strength be our right.

- Let us set a trap for the righteous for he opposes our way of life.

- He reproaches us for our breaching of the Law.

- If the righteous, is the son of God, God will defend him.

- Let us humble and torture him.

- This is the way they reason but, they are mistaken, blinded by their malice.

- They do not know the mysteries of God. Wis.2,1-24. Jb,28,1-28 ; 36,22-27.

8 – We do not know God but, like Jonah, we pretend to teach him  how to be God. Jon.4,1-11.

* St. Zenon said that Job is Jesus’ symbol.

 - The innocent Jesus, was refused by the authorities, people, friends.

- They said : If you are the son of God, come down from the cross.Mt.27.40

- He has done all things well. He makes the deaf hear and the dumb speak  but he was friends of sinners, the pagans, the Romans. Mc.7,37.

9 –The easiest solution, to explain the innocents suffering is to charge God.

- But, most of the sufferings, are not from God rather, are caused by the cruelty

      negligence  and human ignorance about :  

* Atmospheric pollution, wrong medicine,  manipulated food, selfishness, careless in driving, professional incompetence, scandal of the leaders, corruption, indifference of authorities in resolving social problems….

* Millions of persons died because of Hitler, Stalin, Mao cruelty. Ecc.8,9.

10 – God can ask, innocent people, to join in a special way, their sufferings for human redemption because, he holds the life of every creature  and the breath of every human.  He knows what a person can do. Jb.12,10.

- Salvifici  Doloris.

- The life sacrifice, of millions of innocent aborted babies, can ask forgiveness  more than many our imperfect prayers.  But, WOE to those who kill  them.

11 – We  should never say that sufferings are coming from God’s anger.

- God is love.  He does not like the death of sinners.  God tries in every way  to help the people and,  to convert them, in the way that  HE  KNOWS

- Those who plough evil or trouble, reap the same. Jb.4,8. ; Gal.6,6-10

- The love of money is the root of every evil. Ob.2,5-9 ; 1Tm.6,6-10 ; Jas.5,1-2  

- Job said :My ears had heard you. My eyes will see you. Wis.4,7; Jb.19,26 ; 42,5 

- Blessed is the man who puts his trust in Yahweh. Jer.17,7 :  Pr.3,13-15.

- Happy the one who finds wisdom. She is more precious than pearls.

- Blessed is the one whom God corrects. Do not reject God’s lessons, school

- God strikes but, he also cures and heals the wounds. Jb.5,17-18.

12JOB’S WIFE  told to him : Do you still hold on to your integrity ?

          Curse God and die.   ( Speck in the brother’s eye . Mt.7,1-5 )

- Job replied, you TALK  FOOLISHLY. If we receive good things from God, why can’t we accept evil from him ?   In spite of many calamities    Job did not utter a sinful word. Jb.2,9-10  ; Pr.11,22.

13 - Sufferings of innocents and to be made fun of, by friends and relatives  are humiliations that can take us to desperation or to abandon our neighbors, as Jesus did, with the people of Nazareth. Lk.4,16-30.

- Job’s wife said : Curse God. Job’s answer : You talk foolishly.

- God created man and women for their mutual help but, sometimes  husband and wife can become the living devil and an heavy cross Lk.9,18-24

14 – The  B., for centuries, was transmitted only orally.

- About 500 years B.C , 70  MEN,  put it in writing so, in that holy  book, there are  many teachings against women and when we read those  sentences,  we can be scandalized for God’s indifference, partiality  and preferences in favor of many sinful men.

- We should never attribute to God, human errors (anthropomorphisms) .

- The few sentences, ( N.20….25 ) that we will find, in favor of the women will be more than enough to admire, to respect  and to LOVE   all the women and, especially OUR MOTHERS, who gave us life, food, education and faith.

15 – A honorable name ( male or female )  is better than perfumed oil.

* Now we can see the two faces, positive and negative, regarding women

- I find women more bitter than death. (But during suffering we call mother)

- Her heart is a snare and her arms chains. (But women are symbol of love

- He who pleases God will escape from her. ( But a woman gave us Jesus)

-The sinner will be caught. Ecc.7,1.26. Women are symbol of evil.?? Men ??

16 – Know that, the lips of the adulteress, are sweet as honey and her words  smoother than oil but her tongue is sharp as a double edged sword. Pr.5,3-4.

 - May your life find joy in the wife of your youth.

 - May her breasts be your delight at all times. - Be all times in love with her.

- My son, do not be infatuated with an adulteress.

- The wicked, will be caught in his own evil. Pr.5,18-23

17 – God, will protect you from the evil women. (Who will protect women  from evil men ? There are prostitutes because somebody abuses of them )

- Do not covet her beauty in your heart.

- The adulteress hunts after your worthy life.

- Can you hold fire in your pocket without setting fire to your clothes ?

- So it is for the man who approached his neighbor’s wife.

- Whoever commits adultery destroys himself. Pr.6,25-32.

18 – Do not be jealous of your wife. - Do not put yourself into the power of any  woman to the point that she can dominate you.

- Do not go near a woman of ill-repute. - Do not dally with a singing girl.

- Do not deliver yourself into the power of prostitutes lest you lose your  inheritance. - Do not fix a young and good-looking woman. Mt.5,28

- Never drink wine with a married woman. Sir.9,1-9.

19 – The  woman who is unfaithful to her husband and  gives him an heir  by another man will be punished. Sir.23,22.  ( Lapidate…  Man ? ? ? )

- Better to live with a lion than to share a house with a raging woman Sir.25,16    

- Do not be taken by human beauty and not sit down in the company of women

     Women bring shame and disgrace. ( Men ? ? ? ). Sir.42,12-13. ; Pr.21,9

20 – In any men and women, we can find positive or negative aspects.

- A great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with  the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

    She was pregnant. Mary will be ; Virgin, holy wife and good mother.

      Rv.12,1-2. Lk.1,26-80 ; Mt.1,18-25 ; Mk.10,1-9 .

21 – A  good wife, is her husband’s crown. Pr.12,4 .

- The woman of character is more precious than any jewel and her husband’s  joy. The wise woman, is the one to praise. Pr.31,10-31.

- A good wife makes husband happy and she is the best of gifts. Sir.26,1-4 .

- A good wife is like the sun rising over the mountains. Sir.26,13-16.

- A wife’s grace gladdens her husband and her prudence refreshes his body.

- A wife who knows how to be silent is a gift from God.

- A modest wife is a favor among favors. The chaste wife is priceless.

22Wives, should not be taken up with hairstyles, gold necklaces and clothes but, with a gentle and peaceful dispositions.

- Husband and wife, should be of one mind, share each other’s troubles  with mutual affection.  Be compassionate and humble.1Pt.3,1-7.

- Let women dress with simplicity and modesty not adorned with fancy hairstyles, gold, jewels, and expensive clothes but with good works,

- Let women be quiet and submissive for Adam was created first and then Eve.

- It was the woman who was deceived and fell into sin. ? ? ? 1Tm.2,9-14.

- If Adam, was the first and so, the head of the family, why did not stop Eve  from making sin.?   So  Adam, must take equal  responsibility,  of their sin.

23 Song of Songs, is a delicious poem for those who love each other.

*  Dante Said :  If a person wants to ask a grace from God and does not do  through the woman Mary, is like a bird that pretends to fly without wings

* The famous song Mother said : Mother I am very happy for I coming to you

     All the mothers are beautiful. You mother are my best song.You are my life

24 – There  are thousand poems and songs, dedicated to the mothers.

- Our mother. gave us physical life, food, good knowledge.

         She taught us how to live in the society and how to believe.

25 – After Lord Jesus, the woman Mary, is the creature who received  more   attributes, more praises, more grace than any other human being.

- Only the woman Mary is the Mother of GodImmaculate, and was Assumed in body and spirit to heaven.

- Once again is the woman Mary who repeatedly appears asking mankind  to convert and one day to be together in heaven.

- The weak gender, dressed of sun, is a real mother, and good example  for a person of any time, religion and condition.

- Any man and woman who abuses of their bodies and life are foolish.

* We cannot imagine what wonders God would perform through us  if only we would not place obstacles to his love.   St.G.B.29  May.

  26 – The  B. was written by men so, many times, women are seen in  the negative way and must be submissive to man.  But God, gave to both genders the same dignity,  the same responsibility but with  different roles.

27 – So Job, is telling us, the importance of having a good mother, a good partner but also the necessity of  taking our responsibility  according our gender, and our duty in the family, society, religions.

- Job’s story, warns about : Atheism. -  Exploitation of women and children.

     The wrong tendency of free love or having unnatural partners or  marriage infidelity and fashion immorality.

- Others important teachings are about : Eternal life, suffering of innocents  and indifference of authorities about unknown and bad parents  of artificially conceived children…

 * When we do not know, where else to put our hands, we should raise them up to God   . St. G. B. Dec.25

    And, with Job, we should ask God to come and teach us how to live   according to his will and his program of salvation. Rm.14,17-19. Gal.5,13-25.


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