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1Mc.2-8 ; 2Mc.12,39-46

 1Eleazar and, the seven brothers  Maccabees died.

        They became  MARTYRS  because of their faith. Ccc.2473.

2 – Maccabee’s story, began with the conquests of Alexander the first, who killed Darius who, was succeeded by the godless king Antiochus.

- The Jews, nauseated by Greek’s oppression said : Let us renew contact with  the peoples around us and to accept their religion.

- Antiochus ordered all the peoples to renounce their religion. 1Mc.1-15.41.

3 - The temple was repeatedly profaned by many pagan kings.

- Mattathias, saw the blasphemies committed in Judah so, he left Jerusalem, with his five sons, and went to settle in Modein.  1Mc.2,1-14.

4 – The king’s, representatives  told Mattathias : You are one of the leaders  of this city, come and be the first to fulfil the king’s order and  you, and your sons, will be named Friends of the king and  you will receive many gifts of gold and silver. 1Mc.2,17-18.

5 – At  that moment a Jew came forward, to offer incense on the altar.

- Mattathias, threw himself on the Jew and cut the man’s throat. w.24

- He killed the king’s representatives. He tore down the altar.  w.25

    and said : Everyone who is zealous for the Law, follow me. 1Mc.2,27.

6 – That  was the beginning, of a long war that will provoke  the death of the Maccabees’ family.

- The Romans will break the agreement done with the Maccabees.

7 – In year 70 A.C the Romans will  destroy the temple, will cancel  Israel country and, the Jews which will be dispersed, all over the world until 1947 A.C. when the Hebrews (Israel) country will be restarted.

 - The  year 1999,  should be the beginning of the two new countries 

      Israel and Palestine.

8 – After  knowing, about these painful stories, sacrifices, the killings of the past and of our time, we should not think that God is forgetting the humans.

- He only patiently respects human freedom, waiting and giving them  time to reach the truth and to  convert. Ps.9/10.1-39 ;  2Pt.3,8-10. 

- Jesus said that if we believe in him we will be persecuted. Mt.24,4-51.

- So, we must be prudent, and to use God’s gifts wisely. Mt,25.1-13 ; 14-30 

9 – Maccabees’ family must fight against many different enemies.

- After the battle, against Gorgia, the Israelites went to take away the bodies of the dead and buried them.  2Mc.12,39. ; Ccc.2299-2301

- They found under the tunic, of each of the dead men, objects consecrated  to the idols of Jamnia. That was the reason why they died. 2Mc.12,40

- So, they prayed to the Lord to pardon the sin of their dead companions.w.41

10 – Judas, took up a collection, among his soldiers, which amounted to two thousand pieces of silver and, sent it, to Jerusalem to be offered  there as a sacrifice for sin. 2Mc.12,43.

-They did all this inspired by their belief in the resurrection of the dead

   So that the dead might be pardoned for their sin.  2Mc.12,46 ; Rm.8,10-11

* Do not be so sure of pardon when you are heaping sin upon sin.

- Do not say : God’s compassion is great. He will forgive all my sins.

- Do not delay, or put off, your return to the Lord from day to day. Sir.5,5-7

* St. Paul said : We want you, not to be mistaken, about dead persons.

    Jesus died and rose. It will be the same for those who believe in Jesus.

   Our body and spirit,will be with the Lord forever.1Tess.4,13-18 ;Rm.4,18-25

11 – The believing in the resurrection is the topic teaching of Maccabees’

- The souls of the just are in the hands of God. Wis.3,1.

- When St.Paul, in Athens, talked about resurrection, some made fun of him.

      Dionnysius and Damaris believed in Christ. Acts17,16-34.

- When Jesus, talked to the Apostles about his death and  resurrection, they did not understand.

12 - Some of you will ask : How will the dead be raised ?

   With what kind of body will they come. ? You fools.

- What you saw is not the body of the future plant but a bare seed. God will give the appropriate body.

- One is the flesh of human beings, another the flesh of bird and fish.

      There are heavenly bodies and eartly bodies.

- The eartly boody, is sown in decomposition, humiliation, weakness but will be raised for Glory, in power and never more to die.

- The natural  body, will be raised as a spiritual body.

- All of us, have to be transformed, in an instant and, the dead will be raised imperishable.   

- For it is necessary that, our perishable being, put on the life that  knows neither death, nor decay.1Cor.15,35-53.

13 – We have many profs about resurrection.

- On the mountain Tabor Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah.  Mt.17,1-8

- Jesus raised Jairus daughter… The boy of Naim…  Lazarus.

    Mk.5,21-43 ; Lk.7,11-17 ; Jn.11,1-44.

- Jesus, after his death, appeared for 40 days, to prove that he was alive.

- Mary, appeared more than 1000  times.

- In the Creed we say : I believe in the resurrection of the dead.

14 – All  these teachings, are not tales, but reality, that for the Hebrews, were truths, very far from the full comprehension.

- In the O.T. God just started to teach something, that Jesus will complete giving us the last and definitive answer. (7 brothers dead). Mt.22,23-33.

15 –The Catholic  Church, teaches  about the Communion of the Saints.

        About Pilgrim, Purgative (Purgatory)  and Triumphant (Paradise)  Church  And  Mystical Body.

- All the people are, children of God, because of the soul, that we received  directly from God, at the moment of our conception.

- With the baptism we began our Christian life. Ccc.1213…

- Through the different sacraments, we should become perfect Christians.

- All the people, belong to the Church and, can be salved by Jesus, in the way that he knows.  Ccc. 781 ; 836; 849 ; 1847.

16 – But, most of the humans, live as though God . Ccc.843 ; 846 ;847-9

- The Church, has many special prayers, for those who die, without any sign  of faith or repentance, asking God to forgive their sins.  

- Judas, started to give us, this kind of faith, about the Communion of Saints,  and the Mystical Body. Ccc.787-810  ; 946-962.

17– Now, it depends on us, to believe and, to be saved by Jesus,  through the prayers of our brothers and sisters.

- The  ONLY  SAVIOUR, is always JESUS  CHRIST  but, he gave the Church power, authority to forgive mankind in his name.    

- Only those who want to be blind forever and to be a sterile tree  constantly refusing Jesus, will meet the second and eternal death.  

         Mk.10,46-52 ; 11,1-26 ; Rv.21,8

- The riches of this world, are not more important, than God. Mk.24,15-28.

- So, Jesus and Peter teach us, not to be attached to worldly goods. but to know and to love Jesus with all our life. Lk.12,13-21 ; 1Pt.1,3-9.

18We will be rewarded according  the effort we make.  St.G.B. Apr.1

- Let us rebuild that temple, which by our words or deeds, or by our imprudent  actions, we might have caused to crumble.  St. G. B. Feb.2

- He who began and inspired the work will also bring it to fulfilment,

      provided we do not place obstacles in the way.   St. G. B. Feb.21.

19 – We are weak persons so, we should not be surprised by our sins, but it is diabolic to insist to make sin.

- The first conversion must start from ourselves and not to pretend to change the others, through fanatic actions. Mk.2,15-28.

- No heaven for cowards, traitors, depraved, murders, adulterers, idolaters.

  But Jesus said that : The sick needs a doctor so, if a person does not explicitly  exclude blessing, prayers, Christian funeral…. for him, after he died, we should do like Judas and pray for any kind of sinner.Rv.21,8 ; Jas.5,13-20

20Idolaters : Those who worship and to believe in something as God.

- Schism : The refusal of submission to the Pope and to the Church.

- Apostasy : The total repudiation of the Christian faith.

 - Heresy : Is the obstinate denial of some divine truth. Ccc.2089.


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