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 1 – Jesus said : Learn from me for I am gentle and humble of heart. Mt.11,29.

- The first, and most convincing teaching, should not come from our mouth  but from our daily life.    Lk.19,1-10. Zaccheus.

- The good example of religious and political leaders is very important but  if it fails the example of the Christians the Church is paralyzed.

- The stories of Tobit, Esther, Eleazar and Maccabees are teaching us how  to manifest our faith not by words but with our life. Jas.2,14-20.

2Eleazar teaches us the importance of  Conscience. Ccc.1776-1845 ; Bar.6,5

- The martyrs, were strong in the face of violence,  free in spirit and in the confession of their faith, because they were free of self-interest  and love of life and of the world.  St.G.B. Febr.5.

3 – The king sent an older Athenian  to force the Jews to abandon  their ancestral laws and, no longer live according to the laws of God,

- To force them to profane the temple in Jerusalem with prostitutes and  having intercourse in the sacred enclosures. 2Mc.6,4.

- Two women, were charged of having performed the rite of circumcision  on their sons. So, they forced the women for a publicly parade throughout  the city, with their babies hung at their breasts. 2Mc.6,10.

4 – I  now ask the readers of this book, not to be shocked by these calamities.

- All these crimes, happen for our education.  2Mc.6,12.

- God is showing his kindness, when he does not let sinners continue  on their way, for a long time. God deals with us in a different manner.

- Never God withdraws his mercy from us and, does not abandon his people  even when he punishes us, with some adversity.  2Mc.6,14-17.   

- Many Israelites, for saving their lives and money, abandoned Yahweh  but some of them, like Eleazer and Maccabees, preferred to die.

5 – When, false friends, tried to convince Eleazar to pretend to be eating  a pig meat but, in reality, to eat something allowed by the Law, he spit out  pig meat, refusing categorically to give bad example to the young and  voluntarily went to the place of martyrdom.   2Mc.6,21-22.

- Those who escorted him and, pretend to force him, considered his words  foolishness, so their previous gentleness turned into harshness. 2Mc.6,29.

6My thoughts and my ways are not your thoughts and your ways. Is.55,8.

- Some people think that, the physical life, is more important than spiritual life and we can buy it, deceiving  God, at the last moment, as the criminal did when he was dying on the cross with Jesus. Lk.23,39-43.

- Jesus, is the only saviour and he has the authority and power to save us at

    any time but, he always asks for our free cooperation. Prostitute.Lk.7,36-50

7Eternal life, is not a joke, a tricky business, a lie but, something that we  prepare, for day after day, with our corporal and spiritual works of mercy

- The story of the rich man and Lazarus and,  the last judgment  are telling us that, after death, there is not apocatastasi, no possibility  of changing our eternal destination.

      No possibility of doing good or bad any more. Lk.16,19-31 ; Mt.25,31-46.

 - When we die,  WE,  will chose forever, to be with God = Paradise   or  against God = Hell,  the second and eternal death.  Rv.21,8.; 22,14-15.    

8 – The teaching, of many false prophets, can make us lazy in doing good  or indifferent toward eternal life but Jesus, repeated many times that  the people who think only about business are foolish. Lk.12,13-21

 - In the last days people will become selfish, lovers of money. 2Tm,3,1-16.

- Jesus : It was said to our people in the past… But now I tell you. Mt.5,27-32.

- The people who listen to Jesus teachings, are persons who build their house, their life on the rock, not on the sand. Mt.7,21-27.

9Eleazar said : It would be unworthy to pretend at our age, and to lead many young people to suppose that I, at ninety years, have gone over to the pagan customs.

 - If I led them astray, for the sake of this short life, I would bring disgrace to my old age.

 - Even if, I could now be saved from mortals, I cannot escape from the hands of the Almighty.

 - I prefer to bravely sacrifice my life now,  so I shall leave an excellent example to the young.  2Mc.6,24-28.

 10 – Wise, strong, admirable decision but Jesus before he died prayed :

      Father, if it is your will remove this cup from me.

 - And to the sleeping disciples said : Get up and pray so that  you may not be put to the test. Lk.22,39-46.

11 Only  God, can give us strength, and courage, to resist and  to die for love of Jesus as Eleazar did and many martyrs of our time.

- Let us do good, without being discouraged.

     In due time, we shall reap the reward of our constancy.  Gal.6,9-10.


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