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 1 – When Joshua, was near Jericho,he saw a man with a drawn sword who said I have come as the commander of the ARMY OF YAHWEH. Jos,5,14

- Take off your sandals  because the place is holy .Ex,3,5 ;  Jos.5,15

- Shema, listen Joshua, Israel, chosen people. Dt.4,1 ; 6,1-25.

- I Am who am… And Jesus : I Am.  Ex.3,14 ; Jn.8,21-30.

* LISTEN : This is the refrain, repeated continually, by all biblical authors.

     Listen all you people… Amend your ways and your deeds.  

     Do not abuse the stranger, orphan or widow. Do not shed innocent blood.

     I have continually sent my servants the prophets but this stiff-necked people, did not listen and, they followed their stubborn heart.

     This is a nation that did not obey and refused to be disciplined. Jer.7,23-28.

* These teachings, are a divine warning for Joshua, who will start the conquest of the Promised Land. His intentions were good but, the hearts of people were not ready to listen God’s voice, as we will see. Jos.7,1.

2 – Joshua  told 7 priests, to take 7  trumpets. To march around the city 6 days

   And on the 7th day, to march around the city  7 times. W.15

- After that Yahweh said Joshua : I will give you the city.

- The city and all that is in it, shall be given in  ANATHEMA  to Yahweh.

   ( Anathema = Any person and animal must be killed and everything must be burned down ).

- Only Rahab, the prostitute, shall live. W.17 ; Mt.1,5.

3 – The  people shouted and the walls of the city fell. W.20 ( earthquake ?)

- Then, everyone, went straight into the city and, burned the city. W.20.24.

- May Yahweh curse the man who rebuilds Jericho on the body of his eldest son. W.26 . Jer,19,5.

* Just with this summary, we understand that, everything that will happen  are not human decisions but, God’s commands. ? ? ?

4 – From the beginning, of the History of Salvation, to this point we can see that the protagonists, were and are not this or that person but, always Yahweh, who will bless, curse people, enemies. He will judge and condemn.

- Yahweh, Eternal Father, was the Creator. He promised the Redemption, Chose Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua.

- He, freed the Israelites from slavery of Egypt.

- God,will trust the people to the Judges, Kings, Prophets.

- Will save the humanity through the Pascal Mystery of Jesus Christ.

5 – God’s love, is like a wave growing at each event, reaching the perfection in Jesus Christ, in order to take the humanity back to the Father’s house.

- But before, the humanity can reach  eternal peace, God has to deal with  the weakness of human beings and, the hard mind of the Israelites.

 6 – So, the real Exodus, is not the event that happened many years ago.

    The sea and river to cross, are not those geographical parts of the world.

    But, are our life, faith, and our sins which we have to destroy by doing good.

7 – Jesus asked the people : Do you believe that I can cure your diseases, forgive your sins, resurrect your body…? .Mt.9,27-31.

- It means that, when we read, any story, in the B., we should not stop, our attention, to the single event or words, but we should try to understand, what God and authors want to teach. Ccc.109

- What can help us, to make our spiritual exodus are :

     The World of God, Church, Sacraments  and especially the Eucharist.

8 – Jesus said:if you do not believe to my words, believe to my works Jn.14,1-31

- God’s works are : Creation, Teaching, Salvation.

- To the disciples of Emmaus Jesus said : How dull you are.

     How slow of understanding . You fail to believe.   Lk.24,13-43.

- Thomas, put your finger into my wounds and believe. Jn.20,13-29

- You must eat me and believe in me. Jn.6,22-60.

- I am not Beelzebul but I came to give you God’s kingdom. Lk.11,14-33.

9 – So, the most important teachings of, Jericho conquest, are not war, place.

     how the conquest was done, time, holocaust (= Anathema ), but peace, love, faith, and justice especially for the  political and religious leaders,   Dt.31,1-8 ; Mi.3,1-12.

10 – But  the authors, must explain, to the people and, justify the possession of the Promised Land so, they understood that, they have to destroy the people living there, God’s enemies, not destroy only the idols and sins.

- From now on, Joshua and the Israelites, must fight against many people and Yahweh, will be there, to give strength, to suggest strategies, to make miracles, to kill thousands… Yahweh ? ? ?…  Yahweh ? ? ?

11 – Nothing is lost with peace but, everything can be lost with war.

       Because of the war, many people will die, and goods, freedom, morality, faith, will be destroyed.

- The atomic bomb, destroyed Hiroshima, in few second but, the consequences of that explosion, are still burning in the heart and body of the survivors.

- Peace, is not absence of war only but, must be reached through the elimination of the many physical, spiritual, individual, public, economic, political  and religious injustices.

12Peace, is not a stable situation but, must be rebuilt, day after day, with sincere dialog, heartily forgiveness, and true love.  

- Joshua, just starts wars that will go on… until our days.

- Wars and  to burn children in fire, is something  that I have  never  commanded  to do. Much less conceived in my mind. Jer.19,5.

-The key words, of Christmas and Easter, are : PEACE, JOY, and  LOVE.    


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