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1 – First Commandment : You shall love God with all your heart, soul, mind  and  love your  neighbor  as  yourself.  Mt.22,39.

- Love one another AS  I  have  loved  you.  Jn.15,12

God so loved the world that he gave his Son… God did not send the Son  to condemn the world but to save.  Jn.3,16-17.

Without love I am only a sounding brass…  Love is patient, kind, without envy,  not arrogant.  Love  does not seek its own interest.

     Love forgets offenses,  excuses everything. 1Cor.13,4-12.

- Above all, clothe yourselves with love which binds everything together  in perfect harmony. Col.3,14-15.

Love one another… Let love be sincere… Outdo one another in mutual      respect.  Hate what is evil and hold to whatever is good…

      Be cheerful… Be patient.  Rm.12,9-12.

2 – These  teachings are wonderful but generally  we like outdo in finding  not the virtues but the defects of mankind.  Mt.7,1-5 . So,

- The story of Esau and Jacob wants teach us to love not by words only but   with  all our heart, spirit and mind. Jas.2,14-18

3 –Be cheerful in your works of charity… Rm.12,8-12.

- Abraham and Sarah  laugh  Gen.18,12-14  but their son Jacob will be a  liar, deceiving, selfish…  and will make is brother Esau cry Ge.27,34.38.

     In the future Jacob’s  sons will make the father cry.  Gen.37,35.

4 –Jacob  got married at 40  but   Rebekah  was  sterile .

- Jacob did not resolve the problem with artificial insemination but  with prayers. Gen.25,22.

- The twin Esau, the red one, and Jacob, the one  protected by God

     started to fight in the  mother’s womb  and that fighting is still going on

     under the name of Israel and Palestine. Gen.25,22 ; 38,27-30.

5 – The firstborn only, has the right of inheritance. 27.37; 38,27-30. But…

     Esau did not care about  that privilege w.34 and with an oath

      he renounced the privilege of being the firstborn, in favor of Jacob 

      who after that, willingly, gave his brother Esau bread and lentil stew w.34

6 – This story has many important teachings for those persons who maintain   that we become person only after birth

- While we are in the mother’s  womb we do not have any right

    we cannot take  any decision, so…  we can make  abortion at any time .

- If this is the truth… why in a millions of spermatozoa only one can fecundate

     one egg and after that  together they go to the placenta…

- After few months they start to move…  manifest joy, Lk.139-45 sufferings.

 - After 9 months  urges the mother to open the door because… that mysterious object  ???… wants to be born and to be  a baby.

 - Each cell is very alive… intelligent… They know where they have to go

         They know how to form  brain, heart, blood,  bones, skin…

7 – The biologist Dawkins and…  Darwin  affirm that because of  egoism,         and  selfishness insects, plants, animals, man  can survive…

- In fact the Mantide Religiosa devours the male that has fecundated her.

- In us, we have only the genes that are useful to satisfy our interest .

- So we can eliminate babies because, they are potential criminals  that one day can eliminate all of us….  But,

8 –Wilson said that the base of any living is altruism and generosity

     So, each cell… person…  gave what is the best of  himself in the  family, society,  school, business,  organizations,  government,  religion… 1Cor,12,12-27… If the different cells do not cooperate… there is…  cancer… Some cells destroy the others… So,

- If we want that the world be better, we must become a   planetary altruist, unselfish person and, like Jesus, to be ready to sacrifice  yourself for the good of the others.   Laudato si

9 –The problem is that some false slogans  became dogmas and all  the people  must follow those teachings and programs  making us slaves of those errors.

- For ending malnourishment we need a change of mind not  birth control… pills…  abortion.

10 – Jacob  was worried only about his future…

     But we will see how much he has to suffer because of his selfishness.

-  God, has chosen him as the beginner of Israelites so he protected him  in order to fulfill the history of salvation for all mankind.

11 – Sir 3,1-16 ; Ef.6,1-9.  The first step for the personal and  social progress…  is to respect our parents

Attachment to money is the beginning of any sin. 1Tim.6,6-10

- We should not worried about our physical life only because  God take care of grass, animals and everything that he created.Mt.6,25-34

- We have to work like Martha but, the first duty as Mary did

  is to listen the word of God and to put in practice in our daily life.


12 – We can pray : O God, who are perfect unity and true charity.

 You have taught us to keep all the commandments by loving you and our neighbor, grant us one heart, one mind, spirit of peace and grace, so that, human family, may flourish in  harmony  unity  and  love.

13 – St.Gaspar Bertoni

We must resolve to serve God at any rate. Oct.5

Who has  good will has enough but it is not good will which does not do

     what it can.  Oct.6

As soon as the divine inspiration make  itself  heard  start to work. Oct. 7  


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