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1 – JESUS comes from the Hebrew word for  GOD SAVE.  

* CHRIST Greek from the Hebrew MESSIAH = ANOINTED.

* SAVIOR... REDEEMER...   Ccc.430 ; 436

- When we  listen to these names, we think immediately of the  poetry lights, flowers of Christmas but, we do not understand the deep meaning and the importance of this name for our salvation.

- Jesus did not come just to forgive our sins but,

       he casted them into the depths of the sea. Mi.7,19. 

It means that, Jesus eliminated the beginning, the remembrance and the consequences of our sins, giving us new life 1Cor.15,45 and, making us children of God Jn.1,12

2 – Even if Jesus, came to save us and, the Virgin Mary has  appeared many times and in many places, trying to convert us, we can see that the complete redemption of Jesus is very far for being fulfilled.

- The humanity has disappointed God’s expectations   L. si N.61

- Injustice.... political and religious persecutions… heresies… scandals… exploitation of the innocents… wars… are still going on... 

- So it is our duty to know God better and make his salvation become true in us and in the heart of all mankind.

3 – The Virgin Mary is not God, but she is the only person without sin.

- She can teach us how to avoid sin and to cooperate for our salvation.

- She is the queen of peace and she can teach us how to fight the Evil not with deadly weapons but, with our conversion and holy life.

* A poet said : If you wish to have a grace and you do not ask through the Virgin Mary you are like a bird that wants to fly without wings.

The only Redeemer is Jesus but he want to help us through Mother Mary 

4Readings : Mt.1,18-25 ; 2,1-23 ; 18,1-4 ; 21,33-45 ; 27,45-56 ;

      28,16-20.Mc.6,1-6 ; Lc.1,26-56 ; 2,1-52 ; 4,16-30 ; 15,11-32 ; 24,13-53 ;

    Jn.2,1-12 ; 6,1-70 ; 14,16-28 ; 16,7-22 ; 19,25-27 ;
Acts.1,12-14 ; 2,1-41 ;

    1Cor.12-13 ; 15,15-22. Rm.7,19-25 ; 8,1-4 ; 12,6-13 ; Gal.4,4-6 ; 6,7-10 ;

     Rv.12,1-18 ; 20,11-15 ; Jas.1,12-18 ;   Eph.1,16-2,10

5- Mary the model of faith. Ccc.484-511

- To obey  (Latin ob-audire, to hear or to listen to),  is to submit freely to  the word that has been heard, because  God is Truth. Ccc.144.

 – The Virgin Mary  embodies the obedience of faith... Ccc.148-9

- Fiat... “ Let be done to me as you have said ”. Lc.1,38

- Because  with God nothing will be impossible...

- God made stars, mountains, sea, light, darkness, he is God. Am.4,13 ; 5,8

- Mary’s faith grew every day looking to the life and miracles of Jesus.

- Mary is the only person with the new heart. Ez. 36,26-27.

- Mary is completely possessed  by the Holy Spirit . Gal.5,22-25

6 - Jesus said many time : Follow me...

   -Mary was always listening God... believed... trusted...  obeyed God offered herself to God... Was faithful  to God...

- Mary co-operated  with the Trinity in human salvation. Ccc.511.

- Mary is the teacher of spiritual life Marialis Cultus. N.21

7 - Mary and the Holy Spirit.Ccc.721-726.

- Mary is the masterwork  of the Trinity... Son... H. Spirit.Ccc.721

- In Mary, the Holy Spirit manifests the Son of the Father.Ccc.724.

- Through Mary the Holy Spirit  brings men to Christ.Ccc 725.

- Through the Holy Spirit, Mary became the mother of us .Ccc.726. Eph.1,3-10 ; Rv.12,1-7 .               

8Mary  is the Mother of Jesus:

- Jesus means  God saves.Ccc.430. Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit  was made man  for the redemption of all of us.Ccc.432 ; 456

- The Council of Ephesus ,in 431 proclaimed  Mary Mother of God ccc.466.

     And is also mother of us, who are the members of Jesus.ccc.963

- Mary’s mother of us, in no way diminishes the unique mediation of Jesus  who can save us at any time like the …  Good thief. Lc.23,43. ccc.1021-22

-We were conceived in the heart of God, and for this reason, each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed,loved,necessary.Lsi N.65.            

 9 - Mary and the Church

- While in Mary the Church has already reached perfection, the faithful still strive to conquer sin and increase in holiness.ccc.829.

- In celebrating the mysteries of Christ, the Church honours Mary. the most excellent fruit of redemption. ccc.1172

10 –Because  of  Mary’s singular  and unique cooperation with God’s plan of salvation Ccc. 2617 , the Church loves to pray in communion with the Virgin Mary ccc. 2682...  saying  

    Hail Mary... Hail holy queen... And many beautiful songs.

11 - Ps.44/45,1-18  ;  Jer.17,1-10  ;  31,29-30  ;  Ez.16,3-35 ; 37,40-63. Sir.15,11-21  ;  Wis.1,1-15 11,23-26 ; 12,1-19  ;  Is.5,1-7 ; 16,1-63 ; 32,15-20  ;  44,1-28  ; 66,18-22  ;  Lv.26,1-12  ;  Hos.11,1-12  ;  Dn.2,26-47  ;  9,24-27. ;  Eccl.25 ; 26 ; 28 ; 42  ;  Prv.31,10-31.

12-All generations will call me blessed... God has scattered the proud...

     He has cast down the might from their thrones.

     The rich, he has sent away empty ”. Lk.1,39-56.

- This prophesy, will never be completed, will go on for eternity .

- God and evil, will be forever one against other.

    Jesus and Mary, will be forever, the humiliation of the dragon... of any time and any person.

- The Angels, refused God and, they become devils.

- Adam, finds himself naked, that is, with the inclination to sin

- From the moment of creation to the death of Jesus, the  fighting  between God and evil, between  N.666. Rv.13,18 and God, seems in favour of evil, finishing with the seal on the tomb of Jesus...

      But Jesus raised and, promised that his Church, founded on the rock, will never be destroyed. Mt.16,13-20.

* Napoleon Bonaparte, born on the feast of the Assumption , 15 August 1769, wanted  to cancel that unlucky day and, 19 February 1806, he puts  August 15th  on the French  calendar, as the feast of  Saint Napoleon. ..  But Napoleon, finished in prison and in 1814  the Assumption feast  went back on  French  calendar.

   Mary of Fatima said : my Immaculate Heart will triumph.

- The dictators of Russia,  transformed the Church of Immaculate into a gym. Now is one of the best churches in Moscow.

- On August 2015, the Arabic Emirates have proclaimed that we have to respect all religions.

* The 7 heads, the 10 horns, the 10 crowns on the head of dragon little by  little are falling down... Rev.13,1-3....  And  my heart will  triumph...

- The weak and sinful gender of Eve, now his blessed by all generations  in Mary, the only person,  born without  sin... mother of God and  Assumed in heaven, with her body and spirit.

- “ In the Assumption feast of Mary, is commemorated the total absence of corruption from the dead body but also, her triumph over death and her glorification in heaven...

- It was necessary that the Mother of God should share the possessions of  her Son... with a living body, excelling is splendour, a body inviolate and sharing in the perfection of life...

    Mary is enlivened by Jesus to share an eternal incorruptibility of body ”...

      ( From Munificentissimus Deus. Pope Pius 12

13 We  have get ready for great war with hell.

    We need humility to attract help from heaven.( St. G.B).


* We have to prepare to make reparation for the sins we committed.( St.G.B)





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