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Is.7,10-16 ; ccc.456-511; Hail Mary, Holy Queen.


1Mary was predicted by the prophets. Is.7,14 ; Mt.1,18-23 ; Lc.1,27.

She was always near Jesus from his birth... first miracle in Kana Jn.2,1

And at the end of Jesus’ life, on the mount Calvary.  Jn.19,25-27,

Mary was present at the beginning of the Church on Pentecost.Acts.1,12-14

2 – The presence of Mary, in the history of salvation, is now going on through the apparitions. Mary is not revealing something new about God or faith but, she helps us to understand the teachings of Jesus and to put in practice in our daily life.ccc.65

3Guadalupe 1531, Lourdes 1858, Fatima 1917, Siracusa 1953

  Kibeho 1981-1989, Ruanda...  Mother of the Sufferings Medugorje

These sanctuaries are the most famous places where the Virgin

    Appeared more then 2.500 times.

- In these places Jesus, through Mary, is offering his salvation to all.

- There are however only 15 apparitions which have been approved

     by the Church  so far

- Dogmas to believe are: Mary Mother of God Ephesus 431.

    Immaculate 1854 Pius IX.  Assumption 1950 Pius XII.

4 – The Holy Spouses are not lovable pictures, to nail to the wall of our  houses but, they are the two persons chosen by God to start and  to complete the salvation of Jesus Christ.

5 –We must be careful about the Antichrist. 1Jn.2,18-22 ; 4,3 False prophets  - The King Jehoshaphat said to Ahab to consult God through  400 false prophets.1Re22,1-38.

 * The prophet Micah said to the kings:  “ The devil will go and make himself a lying spirit on the mouths  of all false prophets”.1Kgs22,22

 * After that Zedekiah hit Micaiah on the face. 1Kgs.22,24 .

 * it was the same for Jesus because he said the truth. Jn.18,19-23  

- Be quite sure that,  there will be difficult times, in the last days...

- They will be unable to love and to forgive... cruel... enemies of good...

    will captivate weak women. 2Tm.3,1-16 ; 4,1-5

6 –These  peoples of corrupt mind and false faith  oppose the truth....

- All who want to serve God will be persecuted, while evil persons and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived...

7 –The  Scriptures will give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in Jesus... Mary knew the B. very well as we can see in. Lc.1,46-55

- All Scripture is useful for teaching, refuting error, for correcting

     and training in Christian life.2Tm.3,14-16.

-Through Scripture the man of God is equipped for every good work.  

- In the presence of Jesus I urge you to preach the Word... rebuking or advising providing instruction. For the time is coming when people will no longer endure sound doctrine but will follow their passions.

-They will surround themselves with teachers to please their itching ears.

- And they will abandon the truth to hear fables. 2Tm.4,1-5.

- Just as there have been false prophets in the midst of the people of Israel,

    so will there be false teachers among you...

- Rv.13,1-18  The beast, dragon denying the Master who saved them...

- I am the way the truth, life. Jn.14,6

- The Truth will be discredited... Devil against Jesus Mary. Rv.12,1-18

-They will take advantage of you with deceitful words...

-The Lord knows how to free from trial those who serve him. 2Pt.2,1-10.

8 – From the beginning of creation to our days we could see evil spirits  and peoples trying to deceive humankind.  Devil the liar. ccc.2851-2

- Jesus and Mary are always telling us the Truth that can take us to the  eternal life.  (For the proclamation of Immaculate Dogma,

       Dec.8th 1854, it took 1800 years.)

  9 – The history of salvation, the Bible and the Church are always guided  by the Holy Spirit, who like the Sun, is always present for all.

- H.S. is giving to each person, the gifts more appropriate for his mission  and holiness.  “ Mary, the Holy Spirit will come upon you ” Lc.1,35

- He helps those who are weak, converts the sinners, inspires the prophets and the Church, and takes to perfection those who are holy, gives wisdom to the leaders, and gives peace and joy to all believers.

Rm.8,13 ; 1Cor.8,26 ; 12,4-7 ; 14.1-19.

10 – Holy Mary pray for us sinners...

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*Have much hope in the Mother of Holy Hope.(St.G.B.)

* I have place everything into the hands of mother Mary (St.G.B.)





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