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Gn.3,8-24 ; Rm.5,12-17 ; ccc.385-512 ; 760 ; The Creed


1 – God, after the creation of the universe, respects the freedom of mankind permitting them to sin but, after that, he promised to save them through the Pascal Mystery which is the: Birth, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus and sending the Holy Spirit.  Heb.9,11-28 ; 10,12-14 ; 1Pt.1,18-20 ; ccc.760.

2 – Before  realizing the redemption, God has to prepare the people of Israel and especially Mary and Joseph who have the duty to give the human body to JESUS and to teach Him how to grow in the society that

                   HE  WILL  REDEEM.      Eph.1,16-2,10

3 – Mary, the real mother of Jesus and mother of God, and Joseph, the real husband of Mary, cooperate to the plan of salvation, fulfilling all the duty requested by the law.   

* Joseph do not be afraid to take Mary as wife.  Mt.1,18-21 .

* After the conception Mary and Joseph live together

* Joseph gave the name to Jesus… took the family to Egypttaught Jesus how to live in the society… to know the B. To be carpenter.Mt.2,13-23.

* After the death of Joseph Mary took care of Jesus and prepared a special vest that was divided by the solders under the cross. Mt.27,36

4 – The Bible teaches us about sin... redemption... Joseph  Mary... Jesus..., through the human history which reveals to us the love of God and gives to us the possibility to cooperate actively for our salvation.

5 – Joseph did not preach, nor write, no miracles, but he is the real head of the Holy Family and he makes the plan of salvation be fulfilled.

We invoke St.Joseph as patron of workers... for the holy death and....for the universal Church.    Redemptoris Custos

6 – The women, looking to Mary, can live completely their  promotion.

* We can see the greatness of women, the femininity genius especially in  motherhood, in the total love, in the strength in bearing  sufferingsin the total fidelity to their duties and family.

7 – The sinless Mother of God was a real woman so she can be the example for any woman of any time, place and condition.

8 – Mary is a good example of freedom. She chose every day to cooperate with God in order to fulfill in her and for humankind the history of salvation.

* Freedom is not to do what we like but, to choose every time according to the will of God and, only what is in accordance with our dignity.

God is the truth so we choose only him.ccc.33 ;160,,, ; 387 ; 2736.

* Mary, even if, at the beginning has chosen the virginity, she willingly accepted to become the mother of God because she wanted to actively cooperate with the will of God. “I am the handmaid of the Lord,

                     let be done to me as you have said” .Lc.1,38.

9 – The women that want really to be like Mary must be committed to their fidelity to their family but not to be slave of fashion…humor…  flesh…

10 – In the encyclical Redemptoris Mater the Pope John Paul the Second affirms that the real feminine beauty does not consist in the aesthetics of the body or garments but in living human and theological virtues.

1Pt.3,1-7 ; 1Tm.2,9-15 ; Sir.26,1-23.

11– In Mary there are many  virtues that all women can imitate :

A - Faith in God  : “ with God nothing is impossible ” Lc.1,37

B – Humility in serving God, husband, humanity. 

   “ He has looked upon his servant in her lowliness ”. Lc.1,48

C – Obedience : “ How I can be the mother of God. I am a virgin…

     The Holy Spirit will come upon you….

     Your son shall be called Son of God ” Lc.1,34-35 .

D – To love all : “ The mother of Jesus said to him : they have no wine

     Jn.2,3. Mary gave us Jesus for serving the needy, lowly, sinners.

E – Silence : “ Mary treasured all these messages and continually pondered over them” Lc.2,19. Silence is necessary for all of us in order to listen to the voice of God and not to offend anybody in the family

F - Fidelity to the husband and duty in educating the children.

     “ Son why have you done this to us ? Your father and I were

      very worried while searching for you ” Lc.2,48

G – Sweetness in order to manifest the love of God in the family and society.  “ Mary remained with Elizabeth about three months ” Lc.1,56

H – Modesty in the body and mind, recognizing that our gifts are from God and for the benefits of brothers but without neglecting the duty in our family and society. “ The Mighty has done great things for me” Lc.1,49

I – Missionary : “ Mary set out to visit Elizabeth and to proclaim

      the greatness of the Lord ”. Lc.1,39-46 .

L – Prudence : “ Your mother is outside… wants to speak with you.Mt.12,47 Is the duty of any mother to take care of the children avoiding dangerous physical and moral situations… And  to be light for those in the darkness.

M – To be  light in the family and society becoming the conduit of joy, peace and love.  “ Blessed is the one who bore you and nursed you.

Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it as well” Lc.11,27-8

N – Motherhood: That is the most important aspect of femininity and  participation to the creation and salvation power of God.

“ Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and hour of our death ”

12 – Bless is the man who trust and hopes in God.(St.G.B).





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