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16.THE original SIN

  16.THE original SIN

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Gn.2, ; 3,1-13 ; ccc.385-421 ; 1420-1498 ; 1846-2029


 1 – It is beautiful to see how the mothers can teach important truths  to their children, using very simple words and examples.

- The writers of B. have the same skill, to teach us something

     about the invisible God… Creation… Eternal life… 

SIN…  reality that we experience in our daily life, even if  we do not  know  why… we have the bad tendency and inclination to make sin

- The writers using very simple examples… symbols… like tree… snake… 

    they help us to know the reality of sin and what we should do in order to  resist the evil and to go back to God after we committed sin.   

2 – In the B. no mention about preternatural gifts ccc.404  but,

 the B. said that, universe and man created  by God, were very good.Gn.1, 3.

- Men were cooperating with God. ccc.375-6 ; 398.  But

3Evil  is not an abstraction but refers to a living, intelligent,spiritual  PERSON  called Satan, Dragon,  the Evil One,  Devil, Murder,  a Lair,

the deceiver of the whole world,  the angel who opposes God,  the one who throws himself across’ God plan of salvation...  Ccc.2851-2

- EVE = mother of livings, has nothing to do with sin.

- The inclination to do evil,  is in the nature of each person

    male and female… from  birth.Gn.8,21

- Devil will tempt us… even if we are children of God.  Gn.8,21

- But one who entrusts himself to God does not dread the devil. 

- If God is for us, who is against us . Rm.8,31; 1Jn.5,18-19.

      Rv.12,3-13 ; 13,2-11. ccc.1006-8  ; 1019 ; 1502 ; 2514 ; 2852.

- The human nature...  by nature...  is imperfect and has the inclination to make evil. Gn.6,13 ; 8,21;  Gal.5,16-24 ;
Rm.1,18-32  ;  7,19-25.

4 – The writers, describe these contradictions...  the weakness that we find  in us, the state of sin of our life... Rm.7,14-25 ; ccc.402-405  using,  analogy = to compare  so we have to read this story , with wisdom

     mystagogy = from the visible to understand the invisible. 1075.

- The heart of men is a mystery. Ger.17,9-10  ;  Sl.63/64,1-11

- Sin is not a place...  a garden... a tree...  fruits or a snake.

   But an conscious... voluntary...  refusal  of God’s authority...teachings... love . Gn.2,9 ; Rv.2,1-7 ; 22,2.14.; Mt.23,1-39 ; ccc.1857

- It is a life of proudness... to decide by ourselves what is right or wrong

5 - What we call improperly, Original Sin,  is the wrong inclination of all the peoples, genders, cultures, to make sin... to refuse God.

- So each person must decide every moment to follow or refuse God.

      Mt.15,19 ; Mc.7,21-22 ; Rm.6,12-23 ; 7,18-25 ; Phil.3,17-4,1

6 – Do not touch the tree of life.You will die. Gen.2.9 ; 3,1-13 ;
Jn.6,1-70 ;Rv.20,1-15

- EVE is not the beginning...  of sins.  BOTH male-female responsible. 

- Adam-Eve = humanity, each person...  see, want, touch, and  eat  the tree.

 - After eating, they did not die...  physically.. 
But spiritually.= Nakedness.

- The writer teaches  us that the human beings are not the owner but the administrators of their life. So they must respect it from the conception to the natural end,  without  ecological abuses, wars, birth control,abortion, euthanasia, corruption, death penalty.  Rm.8,18-30 ; Eph.4,1-6 ; 4,32-5,8 ; 6,10-20.

7 – In the Eden garden the mankind refused God.  Gen.2,8-17

         In the Gethsemane garden Jesus will take the mankind back to God.

        Mc.14,32-42 ; Jn.18,1-11 ; Rm.8,1-17 ; 8,31-39 ; 11,30-36 ; Phil.2,5-11

8 – If any person abuses of his freedom, he will receive immediately, not the physical death but, the second death = the spiritual death

     it  means the  separation from God. Rv.2,11 ; 20,6-14 ; 21,8.

     They open the eyes... and they felt naked... far from God...

- And, if we persist in refusing God, we will receive eternal death...  Hell.

- The spiritual death comes from devil.Wis.1,13-15 ; 2,24 ; Rm.5,12-21 ; 6,23 ; 1Cor.15,21 ; ccc.374 ; 402 ; 1006-12 ; 1018.

* Sin make us dead and  blind like the disciple of Emmaus. L.24,13-35

9The physical death is a natural  event. Gn.2,16-17 ; 3,19 ;

   - It is necessary to die and only after that  we can be transformed in a spiritual body.1Cor.15,44-53 ; 997-1019
 To be with God...  And

-  To start the eternal...  New Heavens. ccc.1042-1060. No reincarnation.

- The eternal life will start immediately after our physical death. 1020-22

- Death will be the end of the world for us and after that we will be  with God or...  against God... for ever.  Lc.16,19-31

- God does not have calendar... watch... time...  Be on guard. Mt.24,1-51

10 – Through this attractive story the writer is telling us that...  the evil.

  devil... sin... are realities. And all persons are inclined to evil. Sir.40,1-11.

- All of us are in need of the salvation  by Jesus...  Church...   

   who are the universal sacrament of salvation.

   Ccc.515 ;774-6 ;780 ; 846-9 ; 1257 ; 1260.

11 – We baptize the children not because they have committed or...

    have inherited... received...  a personal sin. 1231 ; 1250-4 ; 1261.

     Ez.3,16-21;  ;18,1-32 ; 33,10-20 ; Rv.20,11-15.

- But to START and to introduce them  into the Christian family.

- So we should give them the baptism only if the parents are good

  Christians and, are willing to transmit the faith to them with their

   examples... and teachings.

- The Baptism only  STARTS…the others sacraments, help us to increase our faith and advance toward the perfection of charity. Ccc,1212

12 – The baptism is not a traditional and magic ceremony but a voluntary, responsible...  mature.... personal...  adherence to Jesus to whom we entrust our physical and spiritual life in order to prepare us to the future  transformation in God. Eph.2,1-22 ;  Rm.6,12-18.

13SIN, forced God to the incarnation... O happy fault.ccc. 412.

- Pelagius affirmed that we can win sin without God. 846.

- Some Protestants teach that we cannot avoid evil.

- Jesus become man because  he is the only Saviour. Ccc.831; 848

- He who is touched by Jesus...  is cured... If we cooperate. Mt.14,22-36.

14Jesus  is not bound to the Sacraments . Ccc.1257 ; 1847

- Jesus died for the salvation of all... The salvation reaches each person...

Those who follow other religions... baptized or not...  atheists...  sinners will be saved  in the way that GOD knows. Ccc.618;1257; 1261;Jn.3,1-21   Jn.4,1-42 ; 11,1-44 ;  Mt.9,20-22 ; 23,13-39.  Rm.8,1-30 ;  Is.5,1-7 ;  7,1-14 ;  Is.32,15-20 ;  65,17-21; 66,18-21 ;  Ccc.400 ;  385-421.   Dominus Jesus

15If  we know what great evil is sin, we would never commit one.  St.G.B.

* The act of obedience to God...  should be humble.  St.G.B.

* The sign that the Holy Spirit is in us is a deep humility.


     The obedience is the short cut to heaven.   St.G.B.





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