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1 – God  could not create human nature perfect because it would be like to create another HIMSELF.. another God… Impossible.

- In the B. no mention of preternatural gifts… ccc.404

- But even if, we have the inclination and freedom to make evil

    God trusts in us and gives us the duty to develop the world

2 – The development of the universe has many different aspects :

- To improve our intellectual and spiritual knowledge.

- To discover the beauty and infinity of the universe, spirit and person.

- To avoid atmosphere pollution and pacific use of the atomic energy.

-The wise use of globalization, technology and mass media

- To put in practice the social teaching of the Church well expressed  in the many documents: 

     Rerum Novarum, Mater at Magistra, Laborem Exercens,

    Populorum Progressio, Mulieris Dignitatem, Familiaris Consortio…

-  Integral ecology, respecting the right of every body regarding faith, to form a family and to care about the education of their children.

- useless of international meetings… said Pope Francis in the Laudato Si

   Because we pretend radical conversion in others but  we do not permit  others to force us to change our habits… business… mentality… moral

3 - “ We give you praise Father, for you are great and you have fashioned all your works in wisdom and in love. You formed man in your own image and entrusted the whole world to his care, so that in serving you alone, the Creator, he might have dominion over all things ” . ( Euch. Pr. 4 )

4 –  Gn.1 and Jb.38-39 tells us that God is the creator of everything and entrusted everything to the intelligence of man for a useful development.

5 – Any kind of sin is an abuse of our freedom: war, birth control, abortion, euthanasia, drugs, divorce, exploitation of the poor, prostitution….

6God created only the essential things for the life of the people, after that he gave to each person the chance and joy to find his place in the universe and to use everything according to his vocation and requirements. 

Only in doing that, the universal plan of God, will reach his fulfilment.

7 – Persons and animal’s lives are very different.

- The animals, by instinct, do everything and always in the same way, .

- The mankind, using their intelligence, tries to invent something new every day : knife for hunting… instruments for working… fire for cooking…

- The Egyptians could build the pyramids as solemn tombs to conserve  the mummies of their beloved once and their kings.

    But also to discover the existence of  Black Holes

- The Greeks built temples and theaters for the benefits of people.

- The Romans built long aqueducts… roads… big stadiums… Coliseum

- Musicians, painters,  poets transmitted to us their masterpieces.

-The scientists like Galileo,Volta,  Marconi  opened the doors

    to the scientists of our time that could discover many planets… stars…black holes… black matter… and to cure fatal diseases .

- The modern technology permits us to build skyscraper 1000 m. high

- Even if we know and use only 10% of our brain we could discover stars billions of years light away… We could reach the moon… In a few hours we can fly from one continent to another… With smart telephones computers we can communicate, in a few seconds, with people all over the world.

- Human life, before  a sacred mystery, now can be manipulated… mixing human zygotes with animals… generate new  life artificially… as we like.

- Food, life, death, good, evil, everything are  in the  man’s hands…

- God is useless and an obstacle to our intelligence, freedom, love…

- It is better to eliminate God and decide by ourselves what is good or  wrong without interferences of Someone that we cannot see.

8 – But … But… after death…  our deeds will judge us.  Mt.25,31-46

- True wisdom is to know God… Jesus… To love each other.

    Wis.15,3 ; Mt.22,34-40 ;  Jn.17,3

- All that God had made was very good.Gen.1,31 Evil and sin are not from God

- Omnia munda mundis.  Everything is good… holy… for those that have  a clean heart and… want to cooperate with God.

9 –In this process of  development essential was the teaching of Jesus  and after… the Catholic Church.

  - God created male and female at his image… with the same dignity.

  - Taught them to respect any kind of life… but they could eat anything

       No reasons for vegetarians or vegans… They can use technology.

  - Children are gift from God and cannot be used as sacrifice.

  - Many documents of the Church were written just to defend the

    women genius, gifts… and to proclaim Mary MOTHER OF GOD.

10 –The  people who do not know God and do not love neighbor…

      can transform the common home in a pile of filth… sins…

      as we will see in the story  N.16.

11 – Jesus worked as a carpenter, in order to teach us how to work to acquire wisdom and transmit it to our neighbor. St. G.B.

*The B. well meditated mould our spirit, develop it, and educate it.

The B. gives order to our ideas and rectify our judgments.

Only one word or sentence of the B. can make us a saint.(St.G.B).















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