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1 – The universe is like a beautiful house without an intelligent person who cares for it....   So, God created... male-female both  at his image, it means BOTH  EQUALY  with  immortal soul... intelligence... freedom... love… conscience...  ability to generate... Gn.1,26-27 ;  2,16 ; ccc.355-84.

2 – The writers describe the human creation using symbols. ccc.1075

      God is spirit so he cannot use hands, breath, clay… Gn.2,7

3 – The spiritual soul, of each person, is created by God at the moment  of conception...  So, it will belong only to that person for ever without  the possibility to be reincarnated in other objects, animals or persons.

- Humans die only once and  IMMEDIATELY  they will receive a

     spiritual body 1Cor.15,35-50  and are judged  according their deeds. Heb.9,27...  So, they will receive  eternal  
reward= Paradise-God...

       or  condemnation = separation from God = Hell . ccc. 1021 ; 1022.

- That will be for them  the resurrection of the dead... the world to come.

- The body is sown in decomposition, it will be raised never more to die...

    When buried it is a natural body, but it will be raised as a spiritual body.

Death is the end of man’s earthly life...  afterwards  he cannot  return to other earthly lives... No reincarnation after death”.

- The theory of  reincarnation  express our desire to live forever but is a  bluff… because we cannot give our soul to others person , they too, have already their soul.   Nobody can  have two souls.

- It will be also an injustice to force a mother to receive, in the body of her  children, a soul that belonged to a criminal, that is waiting to be purified.

- Those who believe in the reincarnation they do not want to be a dog…pig… sick… but want to be like a star… a rich person…
happy life…

- Soul, is the spiritual part of the person therefore he lives... thinks...

    decides... and is free... So he has to take responsibility of his deeds.

4– People, do not have the right to touch the tree of life.... Rv.22,14

       Birth control...  abortion... euthanasia.... artificial insemination...

    Surrogate mothers... wars...  anything  that can destroy or damage life

 - God’s teaching has nothing to do with garden, natural trees, snakes.    

- “ God caused to grow every kind of tree that is pleasing to see and good to eat, also the tree of Life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil... But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil... you will not eat...You will die... spiritually...
You will separate from God ”. Gn.2,9-17. 

It means that man wants to decide by themselves what is right... wrong

– “ To the victor I will give to eat of the tree of life ”.

“ In the middle of the city is the tree of life... Happy are those who wash their robes for they will have free access to the tree of Life (eternal life).

I will pay to each one according to his deeds ”. Rv.2,7 ;

5Adam-Eve, are not personal names, but summarize the humanity of masculine and feminine to which God gives the duty to develop and perfect the universe. Gn.1,27-31. Vegetables and animals are for man. Gen.1,29-31

6 – The creation of the woman from the rib of Adam underlines that

BOTH  of them come from the LOVE and heart of God.

Both of them have the same RESPONSABILITY... dignity... MISSION  

it means to love to cooperate and...  to generate new persons.1Cor.14,34 .

- “ Wives, submit to your husband... Husbands, love your wives” Col.3,18-19 

- “ Wives must be submissive to their husbands... Do not be taken up with outward  appearances: hairstyles, gold necklaces and clothes...

Husbands be sensible in your life together...” 1Pt.3,1-7

7 – The evolution theory of Darwin 1882, is attractive but cannot be followed literally, because after millennia’s, not one monkey became a person, vice versa many persons are living like irrational animals.

8 –Chimpanzees as our ancestors…???

Chimpanzees  and humanity have 99% similarity but they never changed they instincts… No one chimpanzee became a men.

9 –The creation of humankind is only the beginning of that transformation that started with Jesus’s incarnation and will be completed with Jesus’s and our resurrection.

- Jesus is the real man done at the image of God.

10 God  created the human persons and told them to growto multiply… and to develop the universe… and after death…to receive his divinity…  in the eternal life. Gen.1,28

11 – God can do anything, but he entrusted the common home, the earth, to man, for developing and for the benefit of all.



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