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 1God is spirit, almighty, eternal, love, shares his life creating Angels and the universe . Ccc.279-354  which he entrusted to men for developing it and not to destroy the nature with weapons, euthanasia, infanticide,exploitation

- Every year there are 50 million abortions.

-All kind of birth control, makes a risk of tumours, thrombosis,

    ictus 26-56%.  After 45 years the risk can be 144%.

    Gn.1, 1-26 ; Ps.103, 1-35 ; Is.40, 1-31; Sir.42,15-26; 43, 1-37

2 – We call God, Father: because he is the beginning of everything.

- Jesus, we call the Son,because  was born as man and made visible

     the invisible God.  Mt.1, 18-25; 2, 1-23; Lc.2, 1-52; Jn.14, 1-26.

- Holy Spirit :  is the most appropriate name because in God there is no evil.

He is everywhere and makes us holy.

The three Persons are always together. Ccc.198-354; 266; 292; 610; 683; 750

3 - God does not have a calendar, watch or time.  He is eternal.

- God did not create the universe in 6 days but, he wants to teach all of us

   families... slaves... to work for 6 days and to rest on the seventh day.

(Sabat = to rest. Saturday = Salvation for all mankind ) ccc.345-349.;

- On Sunday, (the eight day ccc349 = eternal life) we can know the love of God and to enjoy the love of the family and of the community together.  Ex.20, 8-12; Jv.5, 17-47; ccc.345-354; 1166-7;
1343-5; 2168-95; 2174.

4 – The universe was created in a state of journeying toward an ultimate   perfection yet to be attained through the natural evolution. ccc.302; 310.

    - Nobody knows when and how the universe started.

    - “ For the end of the universe no one knows when it will come” Mt.24,36 

- There are no reasons that, God should destroy, the good things he created.

   Gn.1.31.Wis.1,13-15 ; 1Cor.2,7-16.

5 - Our death, is the end of worldly life and, the beginning of the eternal one

    Which will be according to our deeds,
without apocatastasy.Lc.16,19-31

     It means no possibility of changing from heaven to hell and vice versa

   Is.65,17-25 ; Dn.2,31-45 ; Jl.3,3-5 ; Mt.24,15-36 ; Lc.21,5-11 ; 2Pt.3,13 ; 1Thes.5,1-2. 

-  The New Heavens, will be a new kind of life, according God’s program

  Rv.21, 1-8; 21, 22-27; 22, 1-5; 22, 12-17. Ccc.280 ; 504 ; 518 ; 671 ; 1043 ; 1042-1060.

6 – What God has created, is good. We can eat everything.
Gn.1, 28-31.

 - We should cooperate with the Providence of God. ccc.321

   who knows how to make good also from evil.ccc.299; 312; 412.

  Faith and science, no contradictions they complete each other ccc.156-9.

7 – The Big-Bang and evolution theories, we can not accept if they exclude

    God the creator and legislator of the visible and invisible things.
( Creed ).

8 – The harmony, beauty, infinity of the universe are like

       the many voices of the choir  or harp’s strings, which reveal to us  the different aspects of God’s love.

- The universe is like a stair taking us to the Creator God and...

     to the eternal life. Acts.17, 15-34. Sl.148

9 – Each person is like a necessary brick in the program of salvation.

    - Each one of us must find his place and cooperate with God...

       according to his vocation.

- Therefore nothing exists by chance but,  every object or person has his   own meaning, reason and purpose to exist even
if we do not know...

     how...  when... and why they started.

10 -  The first chapter of Genesis, is not teaching the scientific origin of   the  universe but the beginning of the history of salvation.

- Creating, God puts in order, not in the universe but, in the heart of man   that is inclined to evil , because we are free. Ccc.105-112; 407-9; 280; 288; 760; 412; 1075. Mt.25,31-46 ; 1Pt.1,1-21 ;
Jb.38-39 ; Wis.9,1-18.   

11- We know the cleverness of a person, scientist, theologian…

      when they can explain difficult notions in a very comprehensible way  as God did in O.T. and Jesus did through parables and miracles.

12 - For many years the people believed that the heart and brain were the center of life… On 1966 the scientists discovered

 where there are 3 billion and 200 million letters

All these letters are packed into a small cell that is

1/6 millionth of a millimeters.  In our body we have 100.000 million of cells. Just looking to these numbers we fill lost.

13 - The scientists say that everything started from the Big Bang 13 billion years ago and after that everything became stars… grass… tree… animals…persons… according there nature…
But the
questions are :

   A – Before  the Big Bang, there was something… or  SOMEBODY ???

   B – WHO  taught the cells… atoms… how to develop… ???

- Omne quod movetur ab alio movetur=Anything that moves must be moved

- Omne vivum ex vivo = Any kind of life must start from another life.

- “ God saw all that he had made and it was very good.”  Gen.1,31

- Jesus said “ I am the life… The living one ”…  Jn14,5-11

- Those who refuse God are blind guides Mt.23,1-32.

- The B. summarized everything in few words : 

“ In the beginning God created the heavens… earth… man…”  Gen.1,1

- Omnia bene fecit = God did everything very good. Gn.1,31 ; Mc.7,37

- “ To know you O Lord is perfect righteousness…. To acknowledge

  your power is the root of immortality… Eternal life”.Wis.15,3; Jn.17,3

- Einstein : “ A scientist that refuses God is not a clever scientist ”.

14 - Mother fish’ fossil : She is the oldest mother of any species ever found,  a 380 million years old fish immortalized in a fossil while still attached to her offspring by an umbilical cord .

15 - So some scientists talk about INTELLIGENT  EVOLUTION…

 That is, God put in each thing, appropriate laws that through…

         natural evolution, can reach their perfection.

16 - So the creation was not done in 6 days but it is a continous creation.

- The authors wants to tell us that universe… stars… vegetable… animals…

  are not God. Nothing can create himself… All needs God…

- The human beings must develop the earth our common home

     through integral ecology… and respecting DNA of each creature

- So nothing is happening by chance.

- Reincarnation ???  No animal can be a tree and vice versa

- Everything is lead and preserved by the eternal God’s love.

* Unfortunately the earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immnse pile of filth.   Laudato si. N.21.

* The climate is a common good.    L.si.N.23

17 - In the choir of universe there are many voices… and instruments…old and young persons… man and women… adults and children… atoms stars… minerals… water… but all of them must look at the conductor…  God…. Creator of the harmony…
( St.Athanasio Br.3 first week ordinary time ) 

18 - The B. is not telling about the scientific beginning of the universe but the beginning of history of salvation that God wants us to know through the persons and events written in the many books of the B.

- The apex of the creation will be humankind that God will create… in his image… intelligent… free… with spiritual  soul… Gen.1,27

- The real and perfect man will be Jesus Christ

19 – How wide is the universe  ? We will never be able to know.

So, we should admire the power and love of God who did all these beauties just for us. The scientist Galileo Galilei 1564-1642 ecstatic said :

It seems that the Sun, in the universe, has nothing to do…

Is there just to ripen a bunch of grapes a year… What a miracle…     

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