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1 –God is spirit, so the first things he created were the Angels.

God permits,  the bad angel,Lucifer, to tempt us, because he can get good also from evil.Rm.5,12-21 ; 8,28-30 ; ccc.395 ; 412.

- But evil can never be transformed in good.ccc.312.

   So woe to Judah. Mt.26,20-25. Lord frees us from evil .28,50-54.

2 – God decided to save, not Angels, but men only, through the

     Paschal Mystery of Jesus, Church and the Sacraments. ccc.1994

3- The person who dies without repentance is not condemned by Jesus  but, by his own deeds and conscience. Pr.24,12 ;
Sir.16,13-15 ;
  Ez.3,16-21 ; 18,1-32 ;  Rv.20,12 ; 22,12 .
Mt.25,31-46 .

- After death  no Apocatastasi  it means that there is not any possibility to change from hell to heaven or vice versa. Lk.16,19-31.

4 – Any sin is a lack of love for God. Mt.22,34-40 ; Lc.10,25-37 ; Dt.4,1-33 ; 30,1-20

5 – The signs that manifest the presence of evil are:

   Disguise… blasphemes… hatred of everything that is holy… superstions  abnormal strength…. Relativism… false prophets… LIES… 

      In fact, even during exorcism, if you ask Devil his name he lies to you.

      Because if you know him, you can command  him and force him to leave  the person. 1Sm.28,3-25 ; Dt.18,9-22. 1Kgs.22,1-38 ; Ez.33,33 .ccc.2110-2141.

6 – We can expel the demons through prayers, penance, confession, exorcisms…Mk.5,1-20 ; Mt.8,28-34 ; 17,14-21 ;
ccc.550 ; 1237 ; 1673.

7 – Everything created by God was very good. Gn.1,1-31 ; ccc325-327.

- Angels and men have chosen evil. 2Pt.2,4-22.

    Eph.6,10-20 ; Rm.5,12-21 ; ccc.309 ; 385.

8 Sin is a voluntary and free action against God… ourselves and…   the  Commandments of God. ccc.309-324 ; 1857.

     Sin, cannot be transmitted from father to the children 
Ez.3 ; 18 ; 33.

- But the bad example of relatives… Religious and political leaders… 

     Mass media… Our weaknesses… can convince us to do wrong.

9 – The sin of Angels is unforgiveable.ccc.393 ; 414 because,

       by refusing God, the Angels, became Devils. ccc.391 and

      condemned themselves to the eternal hell. ccc.1020-1060.

      It means to be separated from God  for ever.

10 – Devil, Satan, Demon, Lucifer,Ansien serpent…  is a spiritual creature, proud, perverse, liar, sinner, murderer, 1Jn.3,3-10; Gn.3,1-5 ;
Wis.2,21-24 ;  Jn.8,1-59 ; Rv.12,1-18 ; 20,1-15. Dragon.  Is.14,12-15.  . ccc.2851-52

11 - Any kind of sin manifests one kind of demons…

       seeking someone to devour. 1Pt.5,5-11.

- Devil tempted Jesus. Mt.4,1-11.But Jesus prevails always. Lc.4,31-44.

12 – The legion of demons does not have infinite power.

         Mk.5,1-20  ; ccc.1042-1060.

- The demons tempt and persuade us to make sin, because they

          proposes the evil  like something good for us. ccc.2110-2141.

- They convince the legislators to make lawful what is a sin.       

- If we expel demons, we torture them. Mt.8,28-34.

         So, they try to come back.Mt.12,43-45.

 13 –The most dangerous lie of the Devil today is to convince the people  and especially the leaders of nations… religions…
Church… that

- Devil does not exist and sin are an invention of the scrupulous.

- So we must be compassionate… to understand the weakness of the people

- No distinction  of gender… religion… moral… To respect freedom…

- Devil tries to put our conscience to sleep so he can convince us to do any  kind  of sin and crimes like : abortion… euthanasia… exploitation of  children…divorce… wars…corruption… hedonism…

           because it is lawful… All people do that

- But, at the end of our life, Satan will present his budget

 “ You thought that I was not logical. Now you have to suffer for ever…Hell

    Who make scandal... should be thrown into the sea. Mc.9,42 .

 “ The Devil, the seducer, was thrown into the lake of fire… his torment   will last day and night for ever… The dead were judged according to his  works.  Rv.20,1-15 . “ Whatever you did not do for… ME …

    And these, will go into eternal punishment ” .  Mt.25,31-46.

14 – All of us, we have some experience of Hell… I have Hell in me…

Go to Hell… You are like Devil… That place is like Hell…

15 –Mt.5,20-48  many times speaks about Jenna, that for us, is synonymous  of Hell. Il means a place of eternal suffering.

- Jr. 19 and  2Kings23,10 speak about  Hinnon’s  valley  that was the place for the combustion of garbage  A place for any kind of sin…

Where it was possible offer children as sacrifice to Molok.

- So, at the time of Jesus, it was very easy to compere Hell  with that place that all people could see and  be afraid of.    Now is a very fertile place.

- So, Hell does not exist ???   It does not exist as place but it exist as reality after our death… After death,  our body will be transformed 1Cor.

- A spiritual body that cannot be burned by gasoline… gas… coal… but it will be real body like the body of Jesus and Mary and he can receive  spiritual happiness and sufferings. 1Cor.15,35-58

- Hell, is not a horrible… darkness…  cold… stinking… place underground.

- Hell, will be like to be in front of a very huge glass door

Over there and… very far, we can see our beloved ones…  GOD…

 But we will never be able to reach… because of our will...  sins

- Probably all of us we have experienced these kind of suffering…

- But  after death it will be… for  ever… Lc.16,20-31. Rich man.

- We will be for ever and because of our only unchangeable decision

  without God and…  against God…  who… we should love.      



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