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1 - Angel is the name of their office, not of their nature. ccc.329.

They have the duty to serve God and men. Heb.1, 5-14.

2 – The Angels were created by God. Col.1, 15-17. Therefore…

- We cannot worship them but we have to obey them. ccc.957; 1159-1162.

- They are pure spirits, perfect, immortal, intelligent, but they have  free will. ccc.330. So, they can decide to make a sin… to refuse God…

3 – The Angels do not have gender but usually are represented in a very  feminine way to underline their holiness and beauty.

- They have wings to say that they are fast in  serving God and men.

- They can fly not because they have wings but because they love God…

    They are free from material things  and live only for God.

- We too, could wing, like the Angels, if we detach ourselves from evil  and…  love God. Gen.19,15-29 ; 21,5-20 ; 22,1-19 ;

4 – The Angels are myriads. Mt.26, 47-56 ; Lc.2, 1-20 ; Rv.5,1-14 ; Heb.12, 18-29.

- They are divided in 9 choirs: Angels, Archangels, Cherubs, Seraphim, Thrones, Rules, Authorities, Powers, and Principalities.

Col.1,15-20 ; 1Pt.3,18-22 ; Dn.7,10 ; Is.6,3

- This distinction is an anthropomorphic way to talk about the life which we not have experienced, we never saw.1Cor.2,1-16. Eph.2,15-23.

5 – We know the names of four angels because they have a special mission:

Michael : Who is like God.   Rafael : God cures. God’s medicine.

Gabriel : Fortress of God.  Lucifer : Light.

NB.The beginning or final EL it  means God… ELsaday… ELoim

6 – The Guardian Angels have the special mission to protect us from evil  and help us to be free from dangers and… to do good.

- Three persons ( Trinity ? ) went to visit Abraham.Gen.18,1-15

- An Angel helped Agar and Ismail in the desert. Gen.21,8-21.

- An Angel stopped Abraham that is ready to sacrifice Isaac. Gen.22,1-19.

- Jacob’s dream and many Angels  on the ladder. Gen.28,10-22.

- Jacob’s struggled with an Angel. Changed name in Israel. Gen.32,23-33

- Angel gives Gideon the mission to free Israel. Jgs.6,11-24.

- Angel told to  Samson’s mother  how to do. Jgs 13,1-25.

- Angel stopped Balaam’s donkey. Nm.22,22-41.

-  Archangel Raphael helps Tobit… to cure the father. Tb.5-12.

- Zechariah was told by an angel about the birth of John Lc.1,5-25.

- Annunciation to Mary asking to be mother of God. Lc.1,26-38

- Joseph  an angel told him to get married with Mary. Mt.1,18-25

- At birth of Jesus many angels sang and talked to shepherds. Lc.2,8-20

- Jesus at Gethsemane Lc.22,39-46 – Resurrection of Jesus Mt.28,1-8

- Angel frees Peter.Acts 5,17-21 ; 12,1-19  - Paul. Acts.16,25-40.

7 – The Angels had a very important role in the history of salvation.  

- But specially,  for the Incarnation. Lc.1,26-38 ; Rv.12,1-18

- The Resurrection of Jesus. Mt.28,1-8.  And…

- The beginning of the Church. Acts.10,1-43 ; 12,1-19 .

- The Hebrews, Philosophers, the Fathers of the Church, teach that

   there are Angels for every place, country,  church and  person. Acts 2-3.

- God is the creator of everything so he has authority… power…possibility  to do anything and at any time but, he entrusts the care of everything  to Angels. So the Angels are like the body guard of everything

8 – The Angels will introduce us into the eternal life. Mt.25,31-46 ; Lc.16,19-31.

- We must obey them and manifest our devotion to them with the prayer  to the  Guardian Angel and celebrating their memory on October,2nd.  which was started 300 years ago, 1518,  by Pope Leo 10th .

- God is always near us through the Guardian Angels.

9 – The Angels are spiritual creatures, immortal, intelligent.

- They cooperate with God for the salvation of humankind.

- They have free will so, they could commit sin, as Lucifer did.

- Thousands upon thousands served God and countless multitude

    stood before Him. Dn.7,10

    * Click Link Prayers on HomePage    : Prayer to the Angels

10 – Praise God who like loving mother takes care of us through Angels.

* Attention to the Word of God is the font of holiness. (St. G. B).

* If we focus our attention on God, we can put some order into

     our spirit, mind and heart.( St. G.B).

* The small  sins are like children-thieves, who enter through the window  so to open the door to adult-thieves. (St.G.B).

* The venial sin is like a sparkle : if the devil can blow onto it, 

     real fire will spread from there. (St.G.B). 


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