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1 - “ Praise the Lord from the heavens… Angels… moon… stars… earth… creatures…clouds…snow… storm… winds… mountains…

praise the Lord ”. Ps.148,1-14.; Sir 42,15-25 ; 43,1-33

- “ Blessed and worthy of praise are you O Lord of our Father…

Justice is in all that you do… Your ways are right… Do not abandon us  because of our sins…  Blessed is your name… Blessed are you in the firmament of heaven… All the works of the Lord bless him, praise him, and exalt him forever : Heavens… Waters… Powers… Sun… Stars… Rain… IsraelPriests praise and exalt the Lord ” . Dan.3,24-90.

2 –As  we can see, everything that God has done is good, from heaven to earth but,  especially Israel and Priest, it means all the human beings, should know… appreciate… the beauty of the universe and praise God.

- Looking to the sky we see the ways that you our Father directs every day.

- We know your power, your loving care, we praise you Father  every where

- Start the life some time in the empty sky created by God’s eternal love.

- The universe was done for singing Father’s love. Rm.1,19-20

- These are words from different songs talking about God’s creation.

- The visible nature is like a long stair taking us to the Creator.

3 –Each creature has his own name…  meaning… law  and…  duty.

 - Some scientists said that we do not need God because we can explain everything just using our intelligence. Now, we cannot explain everything because we are using only 10% of our brain and we know only 4% about the dark matter in the universe  but,  in the near future,  we can understand much more and,we will be able to explain  the origin of the universe... human beings… to cure all things… earthquake…    everything

- But some other scientists said that when we look to the micro, nano, universe or to the infinite universe over us, we feel lost, and we feel the necessity of admitting something, somebody, greater than us…

That is God.Ws.7,22-23 ; 13,1-9.

NB. Nano second = a miliardisme of second.

The light goes 300.000 km a second = 10 trillion km. in one year.

Light Year =  Km.

The light of Galaxy Wise, took 12 billion years, to come to us.

- The scientist of Cern = European Organization for Nuclear Research  spent 20 years and,  4 billion euro, to build a Large Hadron Collider LHC in a tunnel long 27 km where, they made two  protons to  collide  and to prove the origin of the universe, as appened 13 billion years ago through the Big Bang ”.

- But, we do not create from nothing… We use what exists already… light… proton… to explain just few things of the universe and  nature.

- Einstein said that, a scientist that not admit God is not a true scientist.

  “ The Lord master of the universe…  knows the secrets of human heart…

       He has full knowledge of heavens. ”  Sir.42,17-18.

- In our brain we have 100 million cells and each one has her duty…

   Who taught them… Who  made skin… bones… blood… heart…???

- Praise the Lord for he is great…

4 –The invisible virus… the large galaxies… grass… trees… animals…and  human beings, are like a big choir and each element is like a note

If we take out one of these creatures or notes we cannot have the harmony the symphony wanted by God. (Br.3.First Week Ord. Time . Friday. Athanasius)

- So with the Ps.108,4-7 we say  “ I will thank you O Lord… I will sing… praise to you among the peoples for great is your love above  the heavens… Be exalted O God… Give help and save us ”.

- “The works of the Lord are great…majestic are his deeds”. Ps.111,2-3

- “ Sing to the Lord a new song… bless his name … tell to the peoples his  wonderful deeds. How great is the Lord  worthy of praise ” Ps.95,1-4.    

5 – The Art reveals to us the beauty of God.

- Music, manifests the harmony of the creation.

- Medicine, can cure the dysfunctions in the body and mind.

- The differences of genders manifest the infinity of the imagination of God.

- Time, tells us the atemporality (= without time, calendar)  of God who is the same before, now and in the future… eternal.

- Human intelligence, manifests the privilege of the human beings over all other natural beings that cannot decide about their destiny.

- Light, tells us something about the Eternal Light  that we will meet  at the end of our  physical life.

6 –The Encyclical, Laudato si, will help us to understand the importance of each creature, in the universe, our common house,  and how to use all of them and, especially human beings, according the will of God.

“ We do not speak of the wisdom of this world or of its rulers, who are doomed to perish. We teach the mystery and secret plan of divine wisdom, which God destined from the beginning to bring us to Glory.

   No ruler of this world ever knew this, otherwise they would not have crucified Jesus Christ.    But as the Scripture says : Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it dawned on the mind, what God has prepared for those who love him. God has revealed it to us, through his Holy Spirit. ” 1Cor.2,6-10.

“ Then he showed me the river of life, clear as crystal, gushing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of the city, on both sides of the river are the trees of the life producing fruits twelve times a year…

The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the City and God’s servants will live in his presence. They will see his face and his name will be on their foreheads. There will be no more night. They will not need the light of lamp or sun for God will be their light, they will reign forever.” Rev.22,1-5.

- Darkness reveals the negative aspect of our deeds.

7- So, any aspect, or moment of our life, can be a step to improve or to eliminate our dignity. It depends on us how to use life and time we have.

8 –August 30, of every year, in the Thai temples, there will be a special prayer for the aborted babies asking forgiveness and peace for the mothers

- Every year more than 30 million of abortions are done in the world.

- Each nation spends billions to buy new weapons and to kill.

- The protective ozone’s  shield is near to exhaustion.

- Every year millions of people die because abuse of drug… smoking…

   alcohol… venereal diseases…  road  accidents.

- Millions of peoples die because they do not have food…

- All these problems append because there is no family… No solidarity…

    No condivision… We do not love our common house.

- And the Eucharist, is only a symbol, not a sharing of fraternity.

    ( Humanae Vitae.  Familiaris Consortio.  Caritas in Veritate )

- O Lod help us to use our intelligence… freedom… time… and  


     nature… according your will.


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