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1 – The short word God ( Theos=light ) summarizes the main attribution of God:  holy, eternal, creator, light. “I am the light of the world ” Jn.8,12-59  10,28-42 ; Ex.14,20 ; Is.9,1-6 ; 58,10 ; Dn.2,22 ; Wis.17,19 ; Jn.1,1-42 ; 3,1-21 ; 4,1-42 8,12-59 ; 9,1-41 ; 10,28-42 ;  12,20-50 ; 1Jn.1,1-5 ; 2,8 .Ps.144-150 ;  Rv.4,1-11 ; 1Jn.1,1-7 ; Mt.17,1-8. Sir. 35,1-15 ; 42,15-25

* The  Sun  is  God’s  shade.  ( Michelangelo )

- When we say GOD… it means absolute perfection… holiness…

- If God can make a sin is not God any more.

- For the unity we need one king… president… headmaster… God…

2 – God, Trinity ( three Persons but one God), can exist only as Trinity.

* He is, Creator, Redeemer. Christ makes visible the invisible Jaweh, God.

- I will ask the Father and He will give another Helper. w.16

- The Father will give you his Holy Spirit to be with you for ever.w.18

- You will know that I am in the Father and the Father in me. w.20

- Father and Son… We will come to you.w.23

- The Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name will teach you all things that I have told you w.26.     Jn.14,1-31.

- God never was born. Never will die. He is eternal.  Jn.17,1-26.

3 – The Holy Spirit perpetuates the presence of Jesus and does that… Jesus’s salvation, reaches all the people…  of all time and… places.

- I will send the Spirit of the Father… my Spirit…

       and he will teach you everything. Jn.16, 1-26

4- Father… Son…  Holy Spirit…  are like a head, heart, and blood.

* Each part of the body has his name and functions but no one can exist  or operate without the others. ccc.27-73; 144-324.

- The Holy Spirit, manifested himself  through Jesus. Acts.17,23. 

- The Three Persons, present, manifest and exalt each other without   any contradiction, because they are one God one Love.

- The Father created through the Son and send him for the redemption.

- The Son revealed the Father. The Holy Spirit, eternal  love, carries on,  in each of us, Jesus’s  redemption  through the Church and Sacraments.

- I am the First and  the Last. Alpha and Omega… Eternal God.

      I am the living one… I am alive for ever. Rev.1,17

- Jesus has ascended to heaven and is at right hand of the Father.1Pet.3,22.

   It means that Jesus is equal  and God like his Father.

- No one has ever gone up to heaven except the one who came from   heaven, Jesus,God and  Son of the Father. Jn.3,13.

- One God, the Father of all, who is above all. Eph.4,6.

- We thank you Father because through Jesus you made the universe and redeem us. He was born  through the Holy Spirit.

- Father, you are the fountain of all holiness.

    Let your Spirit makes these gifts holy. ( Eucharistic Prayer 2).
( E.P.)

- Father, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you gather  the people . (E.P.3).

- Father you are the one God living and true… You have created all things…

   You formed man in your own likenessspirit… freedom… love…

- Father you sent your only Son to be our Saviour

- You sent the Holy Spirit to complete Jesus’s work on earth.
( E.P.4 ).

- So one God, three Persons : Father…  Son… Holy Spirit…

     with the same holiness… power… eternity… divinity… knowledge

- Dominus Iesus. N.1-12.

5 – God, father and mother, is love. He knows our requirements and  he hears our prayers before we ask. Mt.6, 7-13; 7, 7-11.

- But he asks our persistent prayers to revive in us the desire of Him

 - And to dispose us to cooperate with him. Eph.6, 10-20 ; CCC.2834.

6 – God must permit sorrowful events in order to respect our freedom.

He can make good even from evil G et Sp 9-10  but the one who makes evil should not be born. Mt.26,20-25     And to die into the sea. Mt.18,5-11.  

7Eternity is not an unlimited going on, of the time but, it is the life of God and our life manifested in the different epiphany: creation… revelation… redemption… sanctification…  our resurrection…  joys… sufferings…

hate and love… It is the moment that we are living as it will be the last one.

 Nobody can stop or… destroy this eternity.  

8 – The infinity of the universe tells us that there must exist a Creator.

We manifest our faith in One God… but in Three Persons and…

 God Creator… when we recite The Creed… Our Father… Glory…

Act of Faith and…  making with faith… the Sign of the Cross

9 – Philip said show us the Father.

- Jesus answered :  whoever sees me sees the Father. Jn.14,8-9.

- Therefore, after Jesus, all the events of salvation can be understood better.

- The temple of Jerusalem will be destroyed in the year 70.  Jn.17,1-26.

- After that, no sacrifices and teachings any more.

    Mt.27,40 ; Mc.14,58 ; 15,29 ; Lc.13,34.

- Jesus will be the new temple and the only master .

10Jesus will reveal the real nature of the Trinity and he will fulfil the revelation and especially, will help the people, to accept the only saving sacrifice of the Eucharist because, his life and sufferings, will assume all the sins of humankind and purify everything through his holiness and divine power. Lv.8,1-17.22-24 ; 16,2-8 ; 1Jn.2,1 ; Rm.3,23

11 -Responsories : “ Paraclete, eternal light, reveals us the holy life of   the Father, Spirit  and Son, united in one holy and eternal love.

- All  glory to the Father be with his co-equal Son

     the same to thee great Paraclete while endless age run. 

– Let all  we sing a song for J. Christ  who came as man and he wants to die.

      Let all we sing a song for the Most High who gave to Jesus eternal life.

12 – Prefaces : The Lord Jesus… the conqueror of sins and death, ascended to heaven.  Christ, the mediator, between God and man… has passed  beyond our sight not to abandon us but to be our hope…

Where Jesus has gone,we hope to follow…

       Jesus was taken up to heaven to claim for us a share in his divine life… 

- Father,  you sent the Holy Spirit… by sharing the life of your only Son

     And so you brought the Paschal  Mystery to his completion

- Father, you give us your Holy Spirit to help us always by his power.

- You have revealed your glory as the glory also of your Son and of the H. S.

 -Three Persons equal in majesty undivided in splendour one Lord, one God

 13 – “ Jesus call the Holy Spirit WATER  because all things are dependent  on water.The  water comes down from heaven as rain, and although it is always the same in itself, it produces many different effects

The Holy S. adapts itself to the needs of every creature that receives it.

- In the same way the H. Spirit … apportions grace to each man as he wills.

- So, he makes one man a teacher of divine truth,  another a prophet, trains another for martyrdom… The Spirit reveals his presence in a  particular way for the common good and... for the benefit of all.

- Rays of light and knowledge, stream before him,  as he approaches and enables man to see clearly things he could not discern before ”.  

      ( St. Cyril. Br. 2 ; Monday;  7 Week Easter ).

14 St. Basil said : “ Holy Spirit is the most appropriate title because

- He is the source of holiness…  Transform us in God…

- He offers his light to help us to reach the truth… (B2.Tues.7 Week East.)

- The Holy Spirit gives himself only to those who believe in him.

- Though, shared in by many, he remains unchanged…

- Like the sunshine… the Holy Spirit pours forth his grace in full measure, sufficient for all and yet is present to everyone.

- The H. S. raises our hearts to heaven, helps the weak, brings to perfection.

- Who are enlightened by the Spirit, become spiritual themselves and a  source of  grace for others… Through the H.Spiritwe become God.  

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