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1 – Before  to go on, with our spiritual journey, we have to understand how to interpret B. correctly  and to receive the salvation from Jesus Christ.

* The first important knowledge is Anthropomorphism.   “ In the Sacred Scripture, God speaks to man in a human way. To interpret B. correctly, the reader must be attentive to what the human authors truly want to affirm, and to what God wanted to reveal to us by their words” ccc.109 ; 118

-If we read the B. literally, disregarding the spiritual one, we LOSE the HUMAN  and MATERNAL way of Jesus’s life and teaching.

- Jesus of Nazareth was a handsome man as we can see from Sindon.

- His tunic was well made so the solders did not divide it.

- His aspect was solemn and they call him Master.

- He had a very clear program for his human and divine mission .

- Physically was strong as we can see from journeys from one place

    to another, preaching and especially when he died on the cross.

- He knew languages, traditions, problems of  the society of his time.

- He could enjoy the friendship and to cry with the suffering people.

-He could meet any person even if he had a special preferences for the poor

2 – Jesus, as lovable mother, is very exigent with himself and with the 12 disciples but, he was very human with all the others and for them summarized his teaching just in few words :  Blessed are you… Mt.51-16

And using parables taken from the daily life : chicken… fish… grain…

- When Jesus started his public mission went around for preaching.

He cured freely any kind of sickness… He forgave any kind of sins and the weakness of Peter… He raised dead… He gave food to the hungry…

He embraced children…  and as a conclusion he gave himself in the Eucharist and he died for the sinners… Total human and maternal love.

3 – At contrary, for himself, and for the 12 apostles,  Jesus was very strict

- Was born in the cave… He worked as carpenter for 30 years…

   He went into desert for fasting and prayers… He died on the cross.

- To the 12 told them  to leave everything, to be poor and to serve each other.  

4 – From  now on, we have to talk about OUR history of salvation.

- If the salvation is for us God must use words that we can understand.

- So, God spirit, without human body, must give the inspiration, a special help, to the human authors but…  let them to write, about God

 using mindful words for them and for us.ccc. 76 ; 134 ; 136.

- So in the B. we can find exaggerated numbers… historical  and geographical errors, that God has to accept,  in order to be understood.

6 – The  mother, very often,  lies to the children, not because she wants to teach how to lie but, because she wants to emphasize… to impress

the  teachings, that her son,  should conserve as light for all his life.

7 – So  God,  give to the authors, freedom about words but, through many others prophets, God will correct the errors and, update  the teaching…

 So, little by little, we can get the complete and divine true of God that, all of us, we have to conserve and believe for our salvation… But…

8 – The true God’s teaching,  can come out only after a very long story… repetitions… after many events… many persons…  after contradictions… caused by the human imperfections… not from God. Ex.14,5-18

- And, at the end, God summarizes the true teaching,  just in few words… that we have to remember and follow.  Here few examples.

* Creation is done in six days even if  God does not have time, calendar watch.Gen.1,1-31.Teaching:Universe,Angels, men cannot create themselves.

* Adam Eve naked. Teaching : They were in a state of sin. Gen3.7

* Cain hate, killed Abel. Teaching Sin make angry and downcast.Gen.4,1-9 

* The killing of Uriah by David it was a big sin…. You are that killer…

   Teaching : Nathan was the conscience : I have sinned.

* David after the census felt remorse… I have sinned. 2Sam.24,1

* With these 300 men I will give the Madianites into your hands.Gdc.7,7

   Teaching : We have to trust believe in God not in our human power.

* Joshua said Sun stand still at Gibeon.Gs.10,12.

   Teaching : God can do anything… to make a virgin a mother of God.

* The water of the Red Sea. Ex.14,15-31 and… the Jordan.

   were divided like wall. Teaching : The salvation from God.

* I have never commanded or conceived in my mind  to offer children as

    holocaust…Ger.19,5 Teaching : We should not accuse God for our

    faults… as Adam did with God. Gen3,12

* Elijah to Ahab : You have done what Yahweh abhors. 1Kgs.21,20

* Daniel… Susanna : You elder are perverted by lust. Dn.13.56

* You have condemned and killed the innocent. Jas.5,6.

* You sinners, humble yourselves, clean your hands and hearts Jas4,8-10

 * Go, baptize in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit…

   because the tree Persons are one God.  Mt.28,19 ; Jn.10,30.

* No apocatastasi for the rich who did not repent. Lc.16,19-31

 9 – These  are just few examples, to tell us that if we read the B. literarily

     we must refuse all the B. teaching as an useless tale for children.

10 – All  the stories, seem like curiosities but, in reality their contents, are well expressed in very short final sentences, that  are full of wisdom and they summarize the real teaching of God.

11 Anthropomorphism , it means, that God, let the authors express their

      feeling… culture… mentality… moral… faith… fear…

     using their human words.

- But after that, God, lovable  and  always  truthful  mother

   give us, his secure… final and holy teaching…    I  TELL  YOU…. 

   And we have to follow Jesus’s teaching.

 - So in  O.T. and N.T. no contradictions but fulfillment.Mt.5,17-19.

12We  could summarize the Bible’s teaching in 200 pages :

 * There is only one merciful God Yahweh… Obey him. Ex.34,6 ; Dt.23,6

 * Justice for poor,orfan,widow,foreigners.Ger.22,3 ;Pr.22,22-23 ; Dt.15,7-8

* God is love Jn.3,16 ; Mt.12,15. We have to love each other Jn.15,12-17

* At the end eternal life with God our Father.Mt.25,34 ;

13 – We could go on with many other examples but, we have to know that  about God, we cannot tell the truth, but only what is negative ccc.43 because we do not have experience of God.

- Moses wants to see God… You cannot see my face. Ex.33,18-22 .  

- Jesus only, the incarnate  God,  could tell us something about God Jn.1,18.

 - After we die only, we can see what God has prepared for us. 1Cor.2,9

 - God wants us to seek him but we go on by groping.  Acts.17,27

14 –After these clarifications, we can start our spiritual journey…  without being scandalized even if in the B. we can find apparent contradictions… human, historical, scientific errors… but not theological or moral errors.

15 – Now  the first test of anthropomorphism is to explain the mystery of Trinity and the nature of Angels using our imperfects and human words.

- The first important step is to be humble and read all these teachings not as old stories for children but to apply everything to ourselvesbecause God is teaching and saving  usNOW.

16 Shema  Israel…  listen… Dt 4,1 ; Jesus is the rock.Mt.7,21-29.

- If you believe, you will receive my salvation, my love and eternal life


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