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7. T H E R E L I G I O N S

  7. T H E   R E L I G I O N S

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1 – Religion  means to retie twice… to tie again… to bind again…

We are tied up to God twice because we receive soul and faith from God

- Sin is refusal of God’s love… The Religions help us to go back to God.

- God is God not because he judges us but because he saves us. ccc.1994. 

- God does not need our worship… sacrifices and… prayers to be happy

  or… to be forced to do our will. Is.1,10-20 ; 58,1-14 ; Jn.17,1-26 ; Rv.3,14-22 

We have to worship God… to pray… for making us conscious of our limitations and to dispose ourselves to receive what the loving God wants to give us unless…  we refuse his love with our sins.

- So God, through our prayers and religions, can transform us in God. 

“ What do I care for your endless sacrifices ?

I am fed up with your offerings… oblations… incense… new moons… feasts… The more you pray the more I refuse to listen…

for your hands are bloody… Wash and make yourselves clean…

Remove the evil of your deeds… Seek justice

Defend the fatherless and the widow ” Is.1,10-20 ;  Ps.50,1-23

Cry out and tell my people of their offenses…

You fast but, end up quarreling… The fast that pleases me… is breaking the fetters of injustice… setting the oppressed free… sharing your food with the hungry… clothe the naked…”.

Jesus will summarize all these teachings in the Beatitudes.

Jn.17,1-26 said that eternal life is to know God… Jesus…
and to love.

2 – From Adam on…  all the peoples have some kind of religion :

idols… business… power… sex… drug… money… politic… sins…

The peoples serve and obey these gods… The atheism is impossible.

- So, important is, to find which one…  is the real religion… that comes from the true God  and… to follow our conscience. ccc.1776 ; 1782.

We have to love… to obey the religion… The idols make us slaves of them.

- In all religions there are some kinds of idolatry ex.

   * Adoration of some images that we think they have special power…

   * To stone some pillars where we think there is the devil…

    * To carry some amuletsrings… that can protect us from misfortunes

    * Tattoos… trees… numbers… black cats… salt… stars…

    * It is impossible to have many real Gods and so it is also impossible to have many true religions. Only one true God and true religion.  

 * It depends on the leaders of different religions ???  philosophies to give the right teaching to avoid any kind of wrong faith and… doing.

  3 – Adam after the sin ( = to refuse God ) he felt naked and he tries to escape from the presence of God who was talking in his heart. Gen.3,1-13.

* Hell is not a place with fire… darkness… crying… but is a state of life…

 a perpetual refusal of God’s love because of our wrong doing… sins.

* When we make any kind of sin we start to destroy our dignity as a person until we lose any dignity with the total separation from GodHell.

4 –The offering of flowers… candles… food… animals… prayers… alms… Masses… give us the sensation that something of us… our heart… spirit…are  going up, to reach God that, is very far on the sky.Jgs.6,18-24 ; 13,1-25

- With our offerings we pretend to cover the eyes of God… asking  him to forgive our weaknesses… to give what we need in our daily life…

- This is a very anthropomorphically way to think and to deal with God.

- God is in us… Loves us… Wants to help us… to save us from idols

   unless… our sins impede him, to manifest his love for us. Jn.3,16-21.

5 –The human philosophies, sometimes are called religions, because they try to interpret the natural laws but, they cannot give us the Truth and the Joy… Love… that can come from the real God only.

“I am the way…Truth…life. The Spirit will teach everything” Jn.14,1-31

Peace be with you… Lc.24,36-49 ; Jn.20,19-29.

6 –The  first… The biggest and the only real religion, coming from God, is the Catholic Christian Religion.   Was called the religion of Yahweh.

- After the resurrection of Jesus, in Antioch, Acts 11,26, the disciples were first called  Christians… But Yahwoeh, the invisible God,  and Jesusthe visible God, are the same one God. Jn.6,22-70 ; 20,19-29.

- Jesus didn’t come to change and to start a new religion but he come  to fulfill the religion of Yahweh, that was in the heart of the first…to the last person… To love God and one another.Mt.5,17-37;Jn.15,12

7Jesus, real God and man, is the only Savior for all the people who believe in him and try to follow their conscience  like Cornelius.

   Acts 10,34-48; Ex.3,13-15 ; Is.43,8-13 ; ccc.515 ; 774 ; 776 ; 849.

- God saves people through the different religions but in the way that he knows Jn.1,1-18 ; Eph.1,15-23 ; Phil.2,1-11 ccc.618 ; 836 ; 848 ; 1257.

8Jesus is the only Savior but he wants to respect freedom…  conscience ccc.1776-1802  and  responsibility of each person. ccc.1730-1748.

        2nd Vatican Council Documents ; Dominus Jesus. N.17-23

9Jesus before any important action wants to pray.
Lc.5,16; 9,18.28

- When we pray, we should not use a lot of words.
Mt.6,7 ; Is.65,24.

- Before they call I will have answered. Is. 65,24 ; Mt.6,8.

- Stay awake and pray. Mt.21,41- Watch at all times and pray. Lc.21.36.

10 –These  sentences are non in contradiction with Is.1,10-20 ; 58,1-14

     - They want to tell us that without God we are nothing.

- But, if we try to do our best… and dispose ourselves to receive God’s graces, following the teaching of our religion…  God  Father and Mother of  all mankind, will be happy to save us and to give us his eternal life.

N.B. For an efficacious teaching we should use  1 – Vatican 2nd  documents

2 – Catechism  of the Catholic Church.  3 –Pope’s  Encyclicals and Church’s documents.


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