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6. T H E B I B L E

  6. T H E   B I B L E

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 1 – From the many treasures of the Bible we discover very few.

So we need the help of the Holy Spirit and…  a very deep meditation.

Pr.8, 1-36 ; 1Cor.2, 6-10  ;  ccc.43 ; 131.

- The B. at the beginning was oral only. About 2.500 years ago 70 experts  teachers, wrote  the B. that is composed of  73 books. O.T. 46 ; N.T. 27.

- It seems that the protagonists, in the history of salvation, are man only but, all those important persons, chosen by God, where born from women.

* Like a mother, God can not forgive his people.  Is.49,14-15.

* God ,as a mother, carries Israel in his bosom. Is.40,11 .

* Israel I have cared for since you were conceived  and

    carried since you were born. Is.46,3-4

* As a son conforted by his mother, so will I confort you.  Is.66,13.

* Jerusalem I virgin and mother.

* Mary is the mother of God… The Church is mother….

* In the B. man and women, on different way, are  active parteners.

- So, each book and word, are like different colors or… diamonds.

    Therefore, we can choose the book, or teaching, that we like more.

- The B. is like a tree, with different forms, branches, fruits.

    It is like a living spring. We can choose and drink and the B. never be  exhausted.   The more we drink… read…  the more we understand.

- The B. is like the manna Ex.16, 1-36. Feeds us according  our requirements.

2O.T  and  N.T  are one book = Jesus.  ccc.134 .

They shed light on each other.  In them,  no contradictions  or…

 moral  errors, because they come from the same God.

3 – So, we should not read the B. literally but to understand what God wanted to reveal and the human authors  wanted to affirm, using anthropomorphisms  and the normal  human language. ccc.109 ; 101-141

* The Word of God is like the rain and snow they come down from the  heavens and do not return  to God idle.Is.55,10-11.

* Let the Word of God dwell in you in all its richness. Col.316

4 – The ignorance of the B. is the ignorance of Christ. ccc.133.

So the B. must be the soul of our devotion and faith.  

We have to venerate the B. like the Eucharist.ccc.103; 132.

5 – We must meditate and to eat the B. Ez.3,1-3 ; Rv.10,8-11 ; Neh.8,1-13 ; Dt.6,1-13

    - The B.light, can be interpreted by the Hierarchy only. 2Pt.1,19- 20.

   -  The B. is useful for teaching . 2Tm3, 16

   -  The B. is infallible when teaches about faith and morals only

6 – Historicity of Bible : There are two kind of historicity

   A – What we can prove through the documents, witnesses, experiences.

   B –What we cannot prove  clearly but,  through  reflections, over the  documents…  archaeology… we can understand that, those events can be possible…  Ex.  The Resurrection of Jesus.

- Nobody saw Jesus, rising from the death but, he proves, with many apparitions,  that he is alive even if we cannot explain how it happened.

- When we lessen the voice from radio or telephone we have to admit  that somebody are talking even if we cannot see their faces.

7 –About B. we have 17 original parchments of Genesis, Deuteronomy, Psalms, 10 Commandments… founded in Qumran’s caves with  900 handwritten…  written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek language.

- So it is useless to try to find the real single author because all these papers  summarize the traditions  and literature of the patriarchs… prophets… spiritual leaders of….  all times.


The word  Miracle comes from mirari = to be amazed… astonish . Acts 2,22

Mathews use Thaumasia = amazing deeds. Mt.21,15

The Synoptic use dynamic = acts of power.

John use  signs…  erga = very significant deeds.

9 –The B.reports  30 miracles only but, Jesus did many miracles…

     in the same place. Mc.12,24 ; 1,32-34 ; 6,56 ; Jn. 20,30 .

-Jesus walked doing good… healing. Mt.4,23 ; 9,35.

- Also Jesus’s enemies said that Jesus did many miracles but…

        through the power of Beelzebub. Mt.12,24.

10 –In the miracles of Jesus we find 5 very important characteristics .

A –Jesus never did any miracle for himself.

B –Never punitive miracles. The fig three, was cursed, Mt.21,19

     to prove that if you are not active you are useless.

     Jesus sends the evil into the pigs to teach the malice of Devil. Mt.8,30

C- Jesus operated miracles , just with a word.

     Leper… be clean. Mc.1,40-42.     Paralytic : stand up.Mc.2,11. 

    To the sea : Be quiet. Mc.4,39.      Lazarus : come out.Jn.11,43

D –Miracles to cure… forgive… to improve faith... Jn.9,35 ; 11,15

E –To prove that Jesus is God…not magician… The Reign God is here

    It means that, in the miracles of Jesus, there is no conformity  but discontinuity… something new… in order to help people to understand that Jesus is teaching with power… authority… He is of God.  

11 –The  miracles of Jesus are not chronicles but real events for helping

       suffering persons or… to improve the faith of audiences.Jn.2,11

-Jesus called himself  SON OF MAN  Mt.12,8 that is, one who has to die for the salvation of mankind not make show of magical power.

-The Apostles could understand this truth after Pentecost. Lc.24,44-49.

12 –After Jesus’s death, Mary and John, went  to  live together.

They certainly have talked about all those  events… from the Incarnation to the Ascension… So, if  Peter or Paul or others, should teach something wrong about Jesus… virginity… Mary and John,  should correct them immediately, avoiding the reactions of the many witnesses that were present at the miracles and the teaching of Jesus.

Acts 1,12-14 ; 2,15 ; Lc.24,44-49.

13 –In the B. the center of teaching is JESUS’S   RESSURRECTION.

Each evangelist, taught this truth, according the requirements of audiences not as a chronologically…  to answer the curiosities of our time.

14 –The  B. is not an historical… scientific… newspaper  but…

a book of salvation… The word of God… The way to Heaven.

The B. is the most printed book in the world and…  the first book

printed by the ingenious Gutenberg. ( Divino Afflante Spiritu).

15St. Gaspar Bertoni after learning many parts of the B. by heart, he said

* Now it in no longer time for me to read, but to act. (St.G.B.)   

* Whoever would yearn to remain with God, should pray and read

    frequently the B.  In fact, when we pray, we speak with God,

    when we read the B., it is Go who speaks to us. (St.G.B.)

* As God is holy,so you  too be holy.1Pt.1,13-16.


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