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1 – “ God chose us before the foundation of the world ”.
Eph 1, 1-4

2 – Our names are written on the hands of God.  
He knows all of us. 
Ex.33, 12-17 ;  Is.45, 3-5 ;  49, 1-6  ;
Ps.138, 1-24 ;  Acts.13, 13-25.

3 – In this picture four, we find only the names of some  protagonists that God has chosen in order to begin the history of salvation.

Now, each one of us, is like a small point in the infinite universe…

A small  brick on the  bridge…  A voice in the choir… An instrument for the harmony of the universe, that God can use for the fulfilment of salvation.   So in this divine program… WE  have to choose our place…

and offer to God our availability according our vocation. Ps.8,1-10 ; 1Cor.12,1-31 ; 13,1-13 ; Rm.12,1-21 ; Col.3,17-26 ; ccc.811; 830; 870

-If we refuse and do not cooperate,  like Judas  Acts 1,15-26, God must replace us, with other persons because his plan…

the salvation for all…  must be fulfilled.

- So the holiness of a person can be known only at
the end of his life, 
just to see if he or she cooperated with love with God. Sir-Eccl. 11,27-30

4 –God loves us… Jesus died for the salvation of all mankind…

 Jesus, the corner stone, saves us through the Paschal Mystery, it means :

                    Birth… Death… Resurrection… Ascension to Heaven…

                                   And sending the Holy Spirit.

      After his resurrection, Jesus entrusted his mission to the Churchwho makes Jesus present through the teaching…liturgy and  Sacraments.

Col.1, 3-20 ;  ccc.134; 760 ;  836; 846 ; 1211 ; 1324 ; 1374 ; 1847-8

1066-1419 ; 1071 ; 1144 ; 1348 ; 2688.

5Sins, like a black bridge, separate us from God.

      But Jesus…  light… and  new bridge… through the Pascal Mystery, takes us back  to the Trinity. Dn.6, 27-28 .

      Jesus only can save us  Jn.14,6  through the different religions and…

       in the way he knows .Ccc.618 ; 774-6 ; 831 ; 846 ; 848-9 ; 1257-1261.

6  – Sir-Eccl.1, 1-18 ; 11, 12-28 ;  43, 13-33 ;  44-45.

      Dt.1; 4 ;  6-10 ;  24; 30. Heb.1-3; Phil.2, 5-18 ;  
2Tm.3, 1-14; 4, 1-5.

  These are some important readings which can help us to understand  the evolution of  the history of salvation.

7Jesus can save us, because He is real God and real man…  the life…

       and light of the world…  without sins. Jn.8, 1-59.  

-Jesus, now is invisible but still alive and with us.  We call Emmanuel.

He is always present in us and in a special way  in the Eucharist.

 Lc.2, 1-52 ;  Mt.27-28 ;  Jn.20-21 ;  Acts 1, 1-11… And…  Shroud.

8- Now, looking to the different pictures and… through the meditation  of  the many readings… little by little, we try to understand the spiritual and  saving meaning of all those events… stories… and  persons…

 that God has chosen as his symbols and…  preparation…  in order to reach each one of us and take us back to the eternal life with him.

The pictures are a cue only.

9 –So  important is to open our mind… heart… eyes…  and believe that the Father… Jesus… the Holy Spirit… are offering  the salvation  NOW, for all mankind, as they did with our ancestors, many years ago.

10 - The history of salvation is not a number of rules  to  memorize but it is a personal answer to God knocking to our heart and conscience.

-When a person resists the programme of salvation like Adam… Pharaoh… magicians.. sea… desert… peoples… Judas…

God will answer with miracles as it happened at the red sea… desert…

Eucharist… Cross… Resurrection…Shroud… in order to humiliate the evil… and convince man to convert and cooperate with him.

11–Each story, is like the mirror of God’s love, showing us that God is fighting against our apathy. Rv.3,16… complaining… sins.

12 –All  of us are in the same room…  bridge….tower… boat… universe…

If we take our brick… cooperation we have to take our full responsibility.

13Very few are the people who understand what God would do with them, if He was not impeded by them in his plans. (St.G.B.).

*It is not necessary to find, but rather to form companions of one’s

     own zeal and to draw them along, even the most timid.(St.G.B.)

* Do not be afraid, in paradise it will always be a very clear day.

     You will not be able there to lose sight of your Lord. ( St.G.B.)

* Do anything as moved by God’s will with the intention of pleasing him and giving him honor.(S.G.B.).

* Do not anticipate the will of God but faithfully follow it. (St.G.B.)

* With God’s grace and our own diligence we can do all things (St.G.B)

* Be faithful and constant in cooperating with Divine Providence (St.G.B)


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