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 1 – Ask and…  know where  the good way is. Jer.6, 16-21.

Every person must obey God speaking in his  conscience.
Ex.20,2-14 .

 “ Blessed is the one who does not… stand  in the way of sinners…

He finds delight in the law of the Lord ”. Ps,1,1-6 .

“ Love Yahweh and observe all that he has commanded you…

Engrave these words on your heart…  my Word  is  already in  your heart,

so that you can put it into practice .”  Dt.11,1-32 ; 30,11-20.

 “ Beware of the false prophets… They are  wolves… You will recognize them by their fruits… Anyone who hears my words … is like a wise man who built his house on rock …”   Mt.7,15-29.

2 – The false  prophets, mass-media, will try to take us from the right way telling stories about the end of the world…

“ Be on guard , I have told everything ahead of time….”

  When we die, that is the end…  and the beginning of the eternal life… according our deeds.  Prv.24,12 ;  Sir-Ecc.16,13  ;  Ez.24,14 ; Rv.20,12.

Jesus only is the way, truth and life… The H. Spirit will teach. Jn.14, 1-30.

3 – In the O.T.there are more than 600 commandments.

- Buddhism 250… Moses 10.

- Jesus, only one : TO LOVE. Jesus washes his disciples  feet. Jn.13, 1-38. The vine and the branches… I  chose you… Love one another. Jn.15, 1-27.

- These rules are in the heart of every person. 

 “ Listen to the norms… Put  into practice… Do not add anything nor take anything… If you observe them… you will be a wise person.”. Dt.4, 1-8.

4 –The  commandments help us to choose what is good and avoid evil.

- So it is a must to form a good conscience.

“ Listen… Acquire wisdom and do not abandon it she will exalt you…

Hold firm to discipline… she is your salvation.” . Prv.4, 10-27.

 “ The wicked remain entangled in the nets of his own sins…

He will die for want of discipline and…  

He will drown in the rising tide of his own evil ”.  Prv.5, 22-23.  

“ Man’s heart makes plans but it is God who answers…

With goodness and faithfulness you atone for your sin.” .
Prv.16, 1-39.

“ I will write my Law on their hearts….  I will be their God and…

 they will be my people.”  Jer.31, 31-36 .    Ccc.1783-85 ; 1803-1845.

5Any kind of sin takes us away from the right way .

     We must repent, like David after the sin with Betsabea…

The killing of Uria… Natan wakes up David’s conscience. 
2Sm.11- 12

6Sins are personal deeds cannot be inherited. ccc.1857

   “ I have made you a watchman… You will warn the wicked in my name

He shall die for his sin… If you do not speak…

I will hold you responsible  for his death ” . Ez. 3,1-21.

“ A man shall not die because of his father’s sins…  His father who practice extortion will die for his sin…” . Ez.18,1-32.

 “ I do not want the wicked to die but rather that they turn from their ways and live… Turn from your  wicked ways
Ez. 33,1-20  ;  Jer.31,29-31.

 7 – Fraternal  correction.

“ God said to Cain where is your brother Abel ?.. . I don’t know…

Am I my brother’s keeper ” ?... Yes you are watchman…  Gen.4,9 .

 “ Take the plank out of your own eye then…  you will take  the speck  out of your brother’s eye ” . Mt.7,1-5 .

“ If your brother has sinned… go and point out the fault.” . Mt.18,15-18.

- The sins are like fire… poison…  that destroy our physical-spiritual life.

8 –Any  person who does wrong must take his responsibility.  

“ God is full of pity and mercy... Yet he does not leave the guilty without   punishment…” . Ex.34,1-9.

“ I Yahweh, search the heart and penetrate the mind.  I reward each one according to his ways and the fruit of his deeds ”. Jer.17,5-10

  “ Just as the sinner will not escape… Each person will be treated according to his deeds… Do not say I will hide from the Lord.” . Sir-Eccl 16,13-15.

 “ God so loved the world that he gave his Son not to condemn” Jn.3,16-19

 “ It is amazing that Jesus opened my eyes… God doesn’t listen to sinners… But if anyone  honors him  God listens to him ” .
Jn. 9,1-41.

 “ I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believe in me may not remain in darkness ” . Jn.12,44-50 .

 “ All the nations will be brought before Jesus…

 I say to you, whenever you did this to my brothers you did to me

Come blessed of my Father… The just will go to the eternal life.

The sinners  into eternal punishment ”. Mt.25,31-46 .

 Col.6, 7-10 ;  Rv.20, 11-15   ; ccc.679 ; 1021-22.

9 – We can form our conscience with the Bible and Church’s teachings.

“ O my people what have I done to you… Answer me… Man have been told what is good… what God requires of you :

to do justice… to love mercy  and to walk humbly with your God…

The voice of God calls you… Mi.6, 1-16

10 – Even if others…  leaders… laws… traditions…  permit us to do wrong

 Abortion..  euthanasia.. divorce..  hedonism.. corruption.. atheism.. mafia…  we must obey God because the  Truth is single, universal, eternal.  

The prodigal son said : “ I will go back to my father and say…

Father I have sinned against God and you…  I no longer deserve to be called your son… The father ran out to meet him...

The elder son became angry and refused to forgive.” 
Lc.15, 11-32 .

 The rich man and Lazarus. Lc.16,19-32.  No apocatastasi.

After death no possibility  of  repent…   conversion...  

  The Samaritan woman said to Jesus… “ I see you are a prophet…

God can forgive any kind of sin if we repent.”  Jn.4, 1-45

11 – The person who follows his conscience obeys the authorities and experiences the real freedom.     

“ Remind the believers to be obedient to authorities.” Tit.3,1-7.

Diognetus said.

“ Christians are indistinguishable from other men either by nationality, language or customs… They marry and have children but, they do not expose them… They live in the flesh but, they are not governed by the desire of the flesh… Christian loves all men… They are put to death but, raised to life again… They live in poverty but, enrich many…

The Christian is to the world what the soul is to the body…

( Br.2 Wednesday ; week 5 Easter )  Phlm.1, 7-20.

Good Shepherd. Jn.10,1-30 ; 12,44-50 ; ccc. 160 ; 1730-2109 .

12 - If  we know the Truth  we have to share with others as

Peter. Acts 2,14-41 .   Paul.  Acts 13,1-52.     Apollo. Acts. 18.23-28

13Apocatastasi, it means that after death we do not have any possibility of changing the kind of eternal life that we freely have chosen with our deeds. Prv.24, 12 ;  Rv.20, 12.    So we have to do good things only.

A right conscience tell us, what to do, in order to be a good and honest person… to be happy  and…  reach  eternal life.

14 Let us set out on the path, because the journey is long,

      and the time is very short. St.G.B.)

* The past is no more. The future has not yet arrived.

    Only the present is here. And it is in my hands. (St.G.B.)

* Let us draw up the accounts of our service before the master calls for them

* Some people obey not for love but to calm their fears. (St.G.B.).

* He who has good will, has everything. But that will is not good if

   it refuse to do all that it can. ( St.G.B.)

* We shoul imagine heaven as at the end of an avenue strewn and obstructed

    with thorns, scrubs and thickets. (St.G.B.)

* Great temptation is matter and means of great holiness,

   provided one has courage and fortitude. ( St.G.B.)


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