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 1 – God is knocking to the door of our heart but he respects our freedom.

I stand at the door and knock.  If you hear my call and open the door,

 I will come to you and have supper with you… Sit on my throne . Rv.3, 14-22

Baptism is the door of Christian life  ccc.1210 ; 1212 ; 1213. 

-Ask, search, knock and the heart of God will be open to you.Mt.7,7-11

2 – Some persons opened their hearts to God. Others refused God.

Jesus calls Matthew .Mt. 9, 9-1

The two sons Mt.21, 28-45.   The teaching of the Pharisees.
Mt. 23, 1-32. Zacchaeus. Lc.19, 1-10.    Enter the narrow door.
Lc.13, 22-33. 

  Lydia. Acts.16,11-15.  Jailer of Pl. Acts.16,22-40

3 –Persecutions  for believers. Jn.15,18-16,4 ; Jn.16,21-33 ;
Daniel.6,1-29  ;  Eleazar 2Mac.6,18-31 ; Seven brothers  7,1-42

4 –Nicodemus  and the Samaritan woman

If we want to believe in Jesus we must to be reborn...

To receive the water… The life…the teachings of Jesus.  Jn.3-4; 14, 15-31. Ex.32, 7-14.   like The widow of Zarephath.  
1Kings 17, 1-24. 
God wants to live in the heart of all people, even the pagans.Eph.3,1-13 .

5- For God No partiality…  Cornelius. Acts 10,1-48 ;  

Jonah refused but God wants to save the people of Nineveh. Jon.3, 1-10 .

 If we want Jesus comes in us, we have to deny ourselves. Mt.16, 24-28 : .

Listen to what the Holy Spirit says… If you hear God’s voice today do not be stubborn. ” Heb.3, 7-19.

6 – If we believe, the seed of Jesus will transform us. Mt.13,1-52.

The 10 virgins. Mt.25,1-13. Zacchaeus Lc.19, 1-10. Matthew.
Mt.9, 9-13 
The Gerasene demoniac Mk 5,1-20.   The daughter of Jairus. ; Mk.5,20-43

7–If we want to listen God’s knocking we must switch off anything that can  be an obstacle to reach God: radios ; TV’s ; Cows, wedding. Lc.14,15-24.  

Great wealth. Mt.19,16-30 . Sins… pigs… business. Mk.5,1-20.

Two ways life and good. Dt.30,1-20.  No excuse. Rom.1,16-25 ; 10,14-21.

8 – God knows us from the eternity.   “ Listen to me…  God called me from mother’s womb… I have written your name upon the palm of my hands…

I am your saviour ”.  Is.49,1-26    

“ Even before I formed you in the womb I have known you…

I appointed you as prophet… Do not be afraid ”. Jer.1,1-8 .

 Thomas I can save you if you open your heart and believe . Jn.14, 1-31

9 – Any kind of sin is like prostitution. God and evil cannot be together 

 “ Come back unfaithful Israel… Confess your guilt… adulteries”Jer.3, 6-18. “ My son, pay heed to my wisdom… My son why be infatuated with an adulteress and embrace a strange woman… The wicked will drown in the rising tide of his evil ” Prv.5, 1-23.   

“ God says I am going to save my people… I make you a blessing…

Speak the truth to one another… Do not plot evil in your heart…

We want to go with you for we heard that God is with you.”  Zeph.8,1-23.

“ Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do…

You will be with me today in paradise.” Lc.23,33-43.

10 – The Good Samaritan teaches us how to open the door of the heart and to love God and enemies not by word but in truth. Lk.10, 25-37;

“ I Tobit have walked in the ways of truth and justice all days of my life…

I have given many alms to my brethren…” Tb.2,1-14

11 – The family, communities and Church are not hotels where we go to in moments of stress but, should be the places where we can know and help and love each other. We have different gifts to serve each other 1Cor.12, 1-31. God can come in us only if we love and serve each other.1Jn.1-5.

      In the community we can meet Jesus like…  Emmaus. Lk.24,13-35.

12 – Often we are together, in the same family but, without love we destroy each other like Cain & Abel. Gn.4, 1-16.  Joseph’s brothers. Gn.44,1-34

   Gossip and jealousy can kill more than swords… and guns.

13 – If we want God to come into our house, we must convert and forgive as Jesus did from the cross. Lk.23, 26-43.

David has the chance to kill  Saul sleeping in the camp.

David told Abishai do not harm  the… anointed Yahweh’s.

David took the spear and the water jug only. 1Sm.26, 2-35.

14 –All great initiatives have their roots in humility which prepare us so that

     God may use us to carry out some undertaking for his greater glory.

* Prayer has wings to fly up to heaven and feet to walk on earth.

* From the writings of St.Gaspar Bertoni  ( St.G.B.)

14 - N.B. The same story can be explained in a different way

The Good Samaritan. Lc.10,29-37 .   Prodigal son.  Lc.15,11-32

Children : Generosity… To help parents… To do their duty… Sincerity…

Youth : Respect of others… Help the poor.  No useless expenses. Drugs.

Parents : Forgiveness…  Dialogue… Reciprocal correction of defects…

Politicians: Honesty… Do the duty… Gentleness… No corruption… 


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