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 1 – In the world there are 7-8 billion people. Only one billion are catholic.

2 – God loves humanity so he became man for the salvation of mankind.

3 – God who came into this world was called Jesus Christ and he was born in the village of Bethlehem in
the country of many names:

Canaan, The Promised Land, Land of Hebrews, Palestine, Israel, Land of Judah ,The Holy Land,  and the Land of Jesus.

4 – All the biggest religions of the world: Confucianism, Hinduism, Hebraism, Buddhism, Islam, Catholicwere originated in Asia.

5 – After Jesus died, Peter and Paul, went to Italy - Rome,

Rome, was the capital of the biggest Empire and Latin was the

common language for all those people.

6 – At the beginning, the Popes lived in Lateran but on 1377 they moved to Vatican which became a country on February 29 ; 1929.

In the Vatican there are ambassadors to many countries and… to Italy.

 The ambassadors of the Vatican are called… Nuncio

7 – The Vatican is the smallest and the strangest country in the world because his king, the Pope, is not born in the Vatican, and the Cardinals, who elect the Pope; they come from many different countries.

 The Vatican is the center, the heart, of Catholic Religion.

8 – Starting from 1059 only the cardinals, aged less than 80 years old, could elect the Pope.  The Cardinals are not consecrated but they are chosen by the Pope from all 5,000 Bishops of the world as counsellors.

From the time of Jesus until now there have been  267  Popes

Starting from 533 each Pope, after the election, chooses a new name that summarizes the programme of his papacy.

9Infallibility, promised by Christ to Peter, is not about history… geography… economy… but about morality and faith only. Mt.16,13-20.

The Pope, by the will of Jesus, must be a man, baptized, Bishop because he is the head of Bishops who he must confirm about truth. Lc.22,31-34.

10Pope = Father, it was the title given to the bishop of Alessandria.

From 1800 became the title reserved for the bishop of Rome because he, like a  father, must take care of  all believers.

-The Pope is elected for life so he only can decide to discharge himself as did Pope Silverio 537 ; Celestino 5 on 1294 ; and Benedict 16 on 2013.

11Symbols and Papal ensigns

At the beginning the Pope, Bishop of Rome, wore the zucchetto or papalina (skullcap) but little by little that headgear became bigger and expensive as Mitre… Tiara… Triregno… symbols of the three powers of the Pope as

           1 - Vicar of Jesus.   2 - The Head of the Catholic Church.

           3 -  The  King of Vatican.   So,  he has 3 kingdoms = Triregno.

However, instead the Pope should be servant of God. Mt.20,20-28 ; Jn13,1-20

For the vestments of Pope see  Ex.28,36 ; 29,4-9 ; 34,35 ; Lev.8,1-17.

12Ring : with his precious stone, was used as a seal.

From 6oo the Ring was given to all Bishops as…  spouses… of the Church.

Pope Paul the 6th took out the diamond from the ring and put the cross only.

-The true seal is Jesus… Alfa and Omega, the beginning and the end of everything… It means an open ring that can fit onto any kind of finger… any heart…  of those who want to be the servant, poor and humble like J.

-Round Ring : like a wheel. It means eternity… faith… espousal ties…

to appertain to a person but…  with the same dignity…

and with the same degree of love…  for serving God  and brothers.

-The spouses put the ring on the left finger, because they thought that a vein is going from that finger to the heart… the symbol of love.

13Gestatorial chair : at the beginning this was a chair that was put onto the tomb of dead martyrs to signify their presence, but little by little it became a symbol of power so was take out for the papal ceremonies.

14Cross : (not precious one)  is the most important  symbol for Pope and Bishops  who are servants of Jesus who died on the cross.

 15Mitra: that is like a flame on the Apostles.  The Pope must teach following the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  Acts.2,1-11 ; Jn.15,26-27 ; 16,1-15

16Pastoral : the Pope is the good shepherd who must lead… feed  all the people to know and to follow  Jesus. Jn.10,1-21

17 – All of us are children of God, because from the moment of conception we have received soul from God that makes us in the image of God.Gen.1,26-27

But few people know this truth so through the History of Salvation we try to help others to know this truth and help them to follow the laws that are impressed on the conscience of each person.

18 – The invisible God chose to be born in Canaan and promised to give this land to Abraham and to the people that we now call Israel.

19 – God has given to the people of Israel and now to the Catholic Church under the guidance of the Pope, Bishop of Rome, the mission to help all the people to know Jesus

20 – Readings: Mt.1-5; 16, 13-20; 26-28; Mk.1-6; 14-16; Lk.1-6; Jn.1-7; Zep.3, 14-18 ; Mi.5, 1-4 ; Dn.2, 31-45 ; 9, 1-27


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