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 L E C T I O   D I V I N A 

 1 – To do Lectio Divina, is not just to read some parts of the Bible but to choose  some words or sentences that can be our spiritual daily bread which can transform us in God.

2 – In order to do a useful Lectio Divina we should not be a

 slave of one method.

The Lectio can be done following the many rules written in many books.


Reading – Meditation – Prayer – Contemplation.   

The best is the method of Jesus who after the preaching to the people or performing miracles used to go alone into desert places or mountains

to pray, to stay all night with the Father.

3 – So, the first step is to put ourselves in a state of

 internal and external silence in order to be able to listen to the voice of God like Samuel during the night. 1Sam.3,1-21

4 – After that, it is a must, to ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten our mind and heart in order to understand what he has inspired through the human authors.

5 – The reading should be not too long, because it is not a curiosity or learning reading, but a spiritual meeting with God who does not need many words to convert our heart.

Contemplation is not to say something about God but to let God tell us about Him… to correct our defects and…  to transform us in Him.

St Gaspar Bertoni could meditate the only word

“ Our Father ” all the night.

6 – The reading should be done slowly, 2-3 times and, to underline or to write one word or sentence which is really touching and concerning our spiritual and daily life.

 7 – When the word of God is alive in us and guides our life, we can share, in a very humble way with other persons, not for making a show of our holiness but to help others to find their way to meet with God who can be loved and served in many different ways.

8 – From the changing of our life and living we can understand if our Lectio is well done or is only one of the many practices that we repeat automatically for habit.

9 – The following teachings are the history of salvation presented through some stories and important persons of the Bible. So to make this teaching useful for our spiritual lifewe should read the explanation below each picture  but the most important thing is tomeditate personally and attentively the many readings of each story so that little by little will it become our history of salvation and to be transformed in Jesus Christ.

10 – Before the reading we should use a Psalm to ask the light of the Holy Spirit. After the reading another Psalm to thank God for his holy teachings.

11 – For the better understanding of each story we should read the appropriate parts  of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. C.C.C.

       become with Jesus the… light of the world. Jn.1,1-18 ; 8.12 ; 1Jn.1,1-7


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